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    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    well... personally i think the first one bar none had the best story. i Felt that they interacted the disney characters in the main plot very well, but in the second one, besides mickie, donald goofie, they didn't have alot of effect. i mean wth, did malifacent do in the 2 one worth noting...
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    Sports ► Any Nascar Fans out there?

    So, I decided i'd see if there are any Kingdomhearts fans who watch nascar so i created that thread for this reason, and to start up a discussion, I'd like to think what everyone thought about the budshootout that was tonight, or any other racing that was today. Please no Nascar haters, if you...
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    Mickey's letter

    I think they'll do it just becuase its a big fan request. I don't think theres many people out there who wouldn't want them to kiss. And going back to kairi staying on the island. she gave sora the charm before and she left the island "axel took her", who's not say somone won't take her again.
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    Mickey's letter

    sorry im just getting up to speed with all the new info but i kinda figured that kairi was staying behind with giving sora the charm thinger but riku won't go along either? He can hold his own.
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    Fav Battle/Boss?

    Re: Best Battle(other)-Kh1 hardest and longest battle would be sephiroth, i had to get up to level 90+ just almost beat him and it was soo hard, but emotionally the riku battle was epic, like the cutscene before just puts you in that mood to kick ass lol
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    anti form

    anti form has gone both very bad and good for me. i found that its hard to use but if you can get rolling with it, its pretty bad ass if your playing the right person. Anti formed happened once when i playing xigbar and i got murdered, then the next time i tried i got final form and i kicked...
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    which scene in KH1 was the most enjoyable?

    Hollow Bastion was the best world. It had excitement, creativity, supence,love,courage you name it, it had it. My favorite scene was the very beginning of the game where you start out. I thought that was cool how the kindof set the stage that he was going to somthing specail or that he was special.
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    Fanfiction ► Ever Lasting Love

    wow, its been like, forever since i've been on the forums. Anyway, i really liked the last chapter! keep up the good work
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    Fanfiction ► when nothin else mattered

    allright Im pretty sure this is going to be a really good chapter.. hopefully.. Chapter 4 The night of destiny After a long day of training and sparing, Sora and Riku were beat. “Nothin like a good work out every once and a while Riku said.” “Yeah” Sora said back. The sun...
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    i'll believe when somone else says it too,or when its posted on insider and i can see it for my self
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    Fanfiction ► when nothin else mattered

    it takes me about maybe a couple of hours a night to get the plot and no what im writing about... then i proof read it and do my best to make sure everything is ok in the story. are my chapters to short? should i make them longer?
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    Fanfiction ► when nothin else mattered

    heres chapter 3, i think its my best soo far and i hope you like it chapter 3 the not so normal day It was 9:30 on...
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    Fanfiction ► when nothin else mattered

    chapter 2 Sora crosses the line After a full day of running around and having a lot of fun, Sora, Kiari, and Riku sat at the curved tree like they did after every eventful day. Riku broke the silence saying, do u think we’ll have to go save the worlds again? I dont know sora said. If...
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    Fanfiction ► when nothin else mattered

    ok..thanx everyone.. sry if its too short or bad spelling i just didn't really think about all that.. the next chapter will be better i promise
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    Fanfiction ► when nothin else mattered

    Yeah right when i posted that i realized i forgot.. but thanx for the advice
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    Fanfiction ► when nothin else mattered

    Hi.. i've been toying with the idea of giving this fan fic thing a shot soo he goes nothin:) Chapter one A Tipical Morning It was just another sunny bright promising morining in destiny islands. Sora like he always did walk to kiari’s house to go to the island. Riku lived much closer to...
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    How long did you guys wait

    i got it when the price dropped to about 20$ soo when ever that was... 1 year or soo
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    Fanfiction ► Hidden Truths

    that was an amazing chapter... u get 10 out 5 for that one
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    Which one?

    kiari.. she just appeals to me more cuz we've seen her alot more and plays a bigger role than namine.
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    The Most Important Person to Sora is...

    he cares for kiari more... in kh his whole motive was to save kairi... he wants to share a popu with kiari..in kh2 when he found out that kiari was kidnapped again he didn't worry about riku until kairi was back... and in com he was twisted by namine he could still remember her cuz he cares soo...