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    How many times did it take you to beat Demyx?

    3 times. At first i was like ..wtf? >.> second time I was running round in circles mashing random buttons whenever he jumped toward me, n the third time I beat him x3
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    Made this a while ago

    My first attempt at smuding and gradients - cnc please? Version one Version two
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    Help/Support ► Asthma help

    There isnt really anything else you can do other than loosen tight clothing and calm your breathing. Fresh air might help aswell.
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    Help/Support ► Asthma help

    Use a paper bag. Put it round your mouth and take in long deep breaths (through ur mouth, not your nose). I use to do that when i couldnt find mine - it can help quite a bit.
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    English Release

    Re: England The release date for the rest of the EU (october 9th) is 10 days after the american one. But we get it over here on september 11th exclusive to argos :) I even checked with the staff
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    Fanfiction ► Sora kicks Riku's ass.

    lmao xD i thought that was pretty good :3
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    when sora finds out roxas is his nobody. its so sad :(..yet my favourite part xD
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    ^^ ~ The Awesome Fanclub Of Zeagal ~ ^^

    Welcome to the Zeagal Fanclub! A great friend and maker of Rapist Trees lulz who undoubtedly deserves his own FC. He's an awesome person so I demand you to join dammit!!! THAT MEANS NAO!!! >:[ Be warned, spontaneuos poofs may occur whilst visiting here xD Current Theme...
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    (Spoilers 358/2 Days) Xion's "true name"

    Re: Xion's "true name" hm, since she's number1, perhaps there are others like her?..or will be in the future?
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    As much as i like the org XIII coats, im'a gonna have to go with Roxas - i thought his outfit was awesome..especially the wrist and finger bands ^_^
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    less is more ^_^

    looking back at some of the other signatures iv made, i found that i always crowd the canvas :/ This is my first one in a while and iv decided to keep it as simple as possible. its also the first time iv used hue's and dodging. anyways, could u CnC meh latest peice? ^_^
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    Is it just me?

    The world itself i found easy, but that stupid mortorcycle game.. GAH! i hated it. it took me ages to finally get anywhere near the gap , and then when i finally got there i misjudged the size of it and smashed into the wall ...where i died >.<
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    Help/Support ► Shit happens

    everyone goes through this. its a natural part of life. dont worry things will right themselves again i cant say i understand because im not going through that, but i empathise with you and get the general idea of why you feel that way. people just tend to be like that, most people dont know...
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    The Underdrome: The Titan Cup

    this ^ u can easily get 5000 points when using him
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    Found sites with a Realese Date for Europe..

    its because we have different TV companies/signals ( woteva they are). America has NTSC and we have PAL therefore the games have to be altered to work on each TV network. anyways, i'v seen that date around a lot. i think it probably will come to europe especially as a lot of people have been...
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    light v darkness

    edit :/
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    Happy B-Day!

    wow its been that long already? o-O anyways happy B-day kh2 lol
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    Help/Support ► What should i buy?

    ipod - they are really reliable and have awesome features. mines been through the wash 3 times and it still works xD
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    Favourite Kingdom Hearts 2 music?

    i liked Roxas's theme ^_^