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    Worth it?

    So yeah. I wound up getting it. I'd been looking forward to the game for awhile and I just couldn't resist. I'll probably actually use it for other games to so it won't be a waste. Thanks for your input everyone.
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    Worth it?

    Marduk, thanks for your input, I've had my eye on those games for awhile just never felt completely compelled to get it. Reagan. That's basically how I feel. This is only game that I really WANT, but there's there's games for the 3DS that I would have gotten if I owned the system, they just...
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    Worth it?

    Hey guys, just a quick question for those of you with the game already. I don't own a 3ds but have been contemplating getting one for awhile. I've read some reviews and they all say the game is damn good, but I just wanna hear someone actually telling me that. So, does anyone think I should use...
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    Survey for school?

    Hey guys. I gotta do this market research project for school. I need to collect some data to analyze and then develop a product based on it. It'd be great if a few of you took the survey for me. My topic is antacids, so if you haven't taken them before then don't bother taking it...
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    has anyone got a pic?

    Re: has anyone got a pic of what ventus looks like mixed with vanitas? facepalm Seriously? You realize that not only has the answer been posted in the SPOILERS section, but that you just gave it away to a bunch of people?
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    [bbs] BBS SITE UPDATE!

    http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/142753-bbs-site-update.html Look first...
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    Is Vanitas...

    Re: Vanitas the real Sora? Dude... Do you realize what game you are talking about? Possibly one of the most outlandish things ever thought up... Although, I don't agree with Southpaw's idea.
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    Wtf, Xemnas?

    Wait a sec... He had nearly unlimited power, yet he was still easy as hell to beat?! I thought the weapons were just symbolic...
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    Quick Question

    Regular endings are probably dependent upon the character. The secret ending is the 10 minute long video. It's not in CG, but it has dialogue. It is supposed to be a "true ending" to the game, meaning that it ties up some loose ends and features some characters that don't appear in the normal...
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    MX + Terra's memories = Apprentice Xehanort

    Okay. You made so many points it's hard for me to concentrate on the main idea... So, you are saying Apprentice Xehanort is: 1) MX's body, soul, and heart + Terra's memories OR 2) MX's heart + Terra's body and soul. Sorry, I know it's dumb question, I'm just slightly confused.
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    Unversed are artifical heartless. Vanitas is ansem's heartless. and Current Ansem is a noobody

    This is obviously a joke guys. The guy just signed up this month, the points are all completely false... And there is a laughing cat to start off his post. Come on...
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    Question about MX

    The first underlined part is definitely wrong... I've never heard anything about that. The second part is most likely true, especially considering that the recent interview with Nomura said that we should "pay attention to MX's connection to Xehanort..." or something like that.
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    wat are you

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    wat are you

    No. When the Japenese version comes out, what cut scenes do you expect to watch? What questions are you going to have answered? That's what he's saying. Personally, I'm not spoiling anything... Maybe I'll watch the opening cut scene, but I don't want to accidently find anything else. That would...
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    What is Lingering Sentiment ?

    YouTube - Terra - The Lingering Sentiment [English Subbed] Here's a video for ya. Basically, he's a secret boss it KH2FM+ It has Terra's armor and keyblade, although Nomura has said it doesn't matter who we think it is.
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    Everything is born from sleep.

    Is it? That may be true, but I was under the impression that Ansem SoD was the one that called for Kingdom Hearts... I could be completely wrong though. And as Ventus Air-Man said, we don't really know what was true and what wasn't... I'm curious, however, as to why you think this affects Vanitas?
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    Whose Keyblade is Terra holding?

    Ven has it later... maybe it was a gift?
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    Whose Keyblade is Terra holding?

    It appears to be a wooden keyblade that was modeled after the original design of his real keyblade.
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    Everything is born from sleep.

    I kinda assumed that Ansem SoD was wrong... He also thought that Kingdom Hearts would "Fill him with the power of darkness" but Kingdom Hearts obviously wasn't darkness. So he could easily have been delusional with darkness being the supreme power and all... Just my thoughts.
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    I hope this game picks up fast...

    Then what are you talking about? You should really explain these kinds of things... Wait... Do you mean the first few minutes of play? Personally I hate the beginning of KH1... then it gets a hell of a lot better.