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  1. Marly

    Sup Ladies

    i'm looking for a few people round here. it's been a minute for real! hmm is there a taylor still around or an effie or a sharjeel or a ruben or a paolo or a serah or a tony or a jaxx or a... that might be it. sup?
  2. Marly

    Secret Ending Help Please

    Righto! Thanks girlie. But yea. i definitely can't be bothered with that ;~;. And if i recall Proud was super hard for me on PSP so that's no beuno.
  3. Marly

    Secret Ending Help Please

    For some oddball reason i cannot for the life of me find out how to unlock the secret ending for Birth by Sleep Final Mix. While i wouldn't mind knowing the prerequisites for each mode, just standard mode works just as well! Thanks Also while i'm here i might as well find out what i'll have to...
  4. Marly

    team Fruity vs. team cocoa

    has anyone else seen this commercial and found it hilarious? micheal cena is team fruity kyrie irving is team cocoa ahaha
  5. Marly

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    is reconciliation not an option? ;~; forgive and forget?
  6. Marly

    Help/Support ► I'm Stuck Guys ;~;

    Hmm I'd say I want them to know simply because it'd get rid of those awkward moments when my mum and sister ask if I have a girlfriend (the thing about this is, I feel like they know so I dunno if they're just hoping they're wrong OR they're trying to get me to come clean) yet or ya know, just...
  7. Marly

    Help/Support ► I'm Stuck Guys ;~;

    Part I: Please help me. Anyone. Here's how it is. . . I'm gay. Shocker right? No? I know, most anyone on here who knows me knows this about me. The thing is. . . as much as it pains me to admit, after having been out here for--shit I guess that'd be 6 years--I still have not completely come...
  8. Marly

    Help/Support ► The total agony of being in love

    Oh KHInsider how I have missed your profundity. Help me, if you can. Now, like all great stories, or problems, or anything of that sort, mine is one of love. His name is Taylor and it was his eyes that did me in. Like beautiful polished mahogany they are. Deep, and fathomless, full of...
  9. Marly


    Hello my friends! It's been too long! Well, kinda, probably not nearly as long as I'd like to think it was. But anyway, HELLO! How are we?
  10. Marly

    ~*~ 21 ~*~

    that's what i am today. shower me with your love and stuff <3
  11. Marly

    ~*~ 5 ~*~

    woot half a decade on this site. cheers. :redface:
  12. Marly

    Yes, we may all be living in the Matrix, say physicists

    source uh, yea, discuss this shizz
  13. Marly

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! chaser i swear you get better and better with each post you make
  14. Marly

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! omg thank you jesus
  15. Marly

    i need money ;~;

    so im going to watch my bffs old ass parent's dog in chicago for a week in october and while im there my fave band ever jukebox the ghost is gonna be playing at the house of blues and ill be needing 60 bucks for that so if someone wants to do that for me that'd be great
  16. Marly


  17. Marly

    Help/Support ► I have a problem. What to do?

    i'm p that's the first time you've ever told me that taylor :/ silly but thanks ^_^
  18. Marly

    Help/Support ► I have a problem. What to do?

    *U* that is so nice. i like that. thanks pal! Really though, thanks everyone, you all have given me a lot to think about. I'm just so impatient. Like I said, I thought with all my self confidence being boosted daily, that it would help, but I guess I still have to get used to it. Or maybe I'm...
  19. Marly

    Help/Support ► I have a problem. What to do?

    Just a little edit, because that's who I am, the word cynical has a bit of a negative annotation to it doesn't it? I didn't mean it in that way, more like when someone says "Hey you're my friend" it's not that I don't trust them or anything I'm just always thinking "Why would someone this cool...
  20. Marly

    Help/Support ► I have a problem. What to do?

    Hi khi. It's Marly. Lately I have found myself a tad unhappy about a certain part of myself--lol not my penis--no, this is a psychological issue. And one I really want to know if anyone else has this problem. And two I want to know how I can fix this. The thing is khi, first thing I should...