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    Xion's Theme Song - Cover w/original lyrics

    This is spectacular. I enjoyed it.
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    Best Keyblade/Gear

    Pandora's my favorite gear.
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    Wait? I guess so.

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Coded - Final Scene ^ After watching the Final Scene of Coded, is it safe to say that Kairi can officially weild a keyblade? Aqua also had a choosing moment with Kairi in Radient Garden, the same way that Terra chose Riku. Aqua meeting Kairi (towards the end, Aqua...
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    Everyone Notices the X's, Right?

    I have kind of thought that the X's had greater importance than it being used in the Organization. Just not sure how or why.
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    Aqua's the best choice. 25
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    (spoilers)Am I the only one pissed at Aqua?

    That does not make sense though. After Aqua sealed Ven in Castle Oblivion, she ended up fighting Terranort and defeating him. As she watched him fall into darkness, she jumped in also. She sent her armor to hold Terranort and bring him back to the Realm of Light. Then she fell into the Realm of...
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    TGS 2009

    Towards the end of the trailer when MX is approaching VAT, Vanitas comes out of him. Then when MX says: " Look. The ruins of many keys who took on the powers of their masters are here in the place, where there was a fight between light and darkness. The remains of the Keyblade Wars," the camera...
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    Theory: Axel's Other knew Ven

    I think it could be possible that Axel's Somebody knew Ven. While I played 358/2 Days, I felt like the game was hinting that Roxas does have a heart, and that Axel knew more about Roxas than Roxas knew himself. Who knows.
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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    I know. D':
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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    I hope Aqua lives. I'm not fond of Terra. XD
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    Aqua all the way. <3
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    Help/Support ► i don't know what to think

    I think she likes you. It's cool how you and her know each other from Kindergarten.
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    how sora, roxas and xion can wield KK

    I don't get it.
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    Coded and Riku

    Please, write in paragraph form. I don't get a thing you said. x(
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    i may be like all the others, but here's my theory on Xion

    I agree with SA on this one.
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    Poor Namine.

    Ah, I guess I'll live.
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    Poor Namine.

    According to the news on the KHI main page, I'm disappointed that Brittany Snow is not going to voice act for Namine anymore. And why does it have to be Tess from Camp Rock?! I have horrid hatred for that girl.
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    Just another Xion Theory.

    I find that interesting, too. It's been out for awhile, but the enemies in BBS are "Unbirths".