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    How do i deal with snipers?

    i just use valor and run in circuls because you can run faster...
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    Vens Memories????

    when KH1 was out they werent even thinking of making any other games so anything info about KH2 and up really doesnt connect to KH1...except the main concept...
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    do you think a kingdom hearts tattoo is to much??? i didnt get one but or even know if i am but i want to hear other peoples thought (EXCEPT MY MOMS)
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    key blades

    he mean how did the kingdom key and the way to the dawn get thier keychains...i thinnk
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    key blades

    maybe the SE is infact a spot in time where that times keyblade master used it for evil. we always herd about people useing keyblade for evil so maybe this is what the SE is
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    key blades

    yeah it does!..it looks like an upgrades version of it..
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    key blades

    im not sure but i think that the key blades play a big role in the SE...doesnt key chains come from the heart and like define what or who the person is..pluss the kingdom key is the real key blade and you attach the key chain to make it transform. or you get a special key blade from your heart...
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    xemnas and xehanort, somthing dosent make sense

    ^^^^yeah im leaning that the soilder is him too by the way xigbar remember the better key blade master before sora but xemnas or xehanort dont remember anything its a conspericie SP????
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    look what i found!!

    http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q180/aceofspade22789/iiii.jpg heres a better pic of it
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    look what i found!!

    i know its prob pointless but look http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q180/aceofspade22789/KH2FM_Ending_music007_0002.jpg the sleeping lion leons keychain
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    KH II: FM + Secret Ending Song

    just wanna let you know that Another Side is like 1000 times better....but thats your opinion
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    Third soldier

    nobody is make a thread about the soldier with the purple hair...what with that... -do you think its zeixion sp? -could zeixion be a girl...cause thats def a girl -could a person thats a girl become a a nobody women im prob gonna get flamed for this but w/e i just want to now what ppl think...
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    the beginning

    do you know the saying its better and funner to make the party than have it...my question is would you start all the way from the beginning of the whole waiting process for kingdom hearts 2..i thought it was really fun, hoping to come on every day and hoping to get more good news abou COM or...
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    my knigdom hearts video

    this is one of my best videos iv made...tell me what you think..it the only one i got up though
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    i hate it because it was a waste of space that they could of put something more useful in instead in that...COMPLETELY USLESS!!!!
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    how to mess up KH3

    in this thread let see how many people can come up with idea of how they can mess up KH3... not the I/WE want it to be 1. make it more of an extream child game 2. make a new lead character 3. put chiken little in it again thoughs are mine
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    game fly

    idk if this had been put up yet but kingdom hearts 2 is the most popular and highest game fly rating ps2 game on the site. p.s to make this thread alittle better how many of you rented it from game fly...prob non because its a must buy game but...
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    Is this really true...

    it sounds kindda not real where did you here it from???
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    mini games

    i just want to know every bodies fav. mini game and what is your score on it... my fav. is skate board dilivery i got like 7 sec, on that
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    things you cant do in jimineys jounal

    i dont want to call it the offical but here you cant say the thing you cant do in jimineys jounal. and other people that did it can help them. for me 1. the underdome.. the two fights you have to do when you talk to panic that you have to get 3000 points and 5000 points.i cant even get over...