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    Fanfiction ► Thing's Aren't So Beautiful Now (PG-13)

    Nice its in depth at times some details are unnecesary but your a very good writer... it's nice suttle and not full of sword fights
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    **** yo couch *****

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    Bagel Fan Club V1

    if your with madonna and you fell in love with some bagel sign here and talk about it http://madonnalovesbagel.ytmnd.com/
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    English lyric line of Passion maybe revealed

    OMFG i just listened to the clip that always did sound backwards definately passion or affection OMG subliminal messages!
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! It's better than Simple and Clean IMO only because it has more muscial depth and it seems to have more meaning especially since i can't under stand it :D
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! After listening to it once i realized i was in muscial bliss I wactually wouldn't mind keeping this version for The US realease Screw the game the song is good enough for now :D
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    I hope it is zexion though =|
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    Your itunes playlist

    Lots of bep alicia keyes , linkin, evan, I have every i mean EVERY genre but trip hop and bluegrass and country
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    release date changed

    i really think thats totally FFXII but a game seller www.estarland.com Had the release date down as 12/1/05 lets cross our fingers how bout a direct link :P http://www.estarland.com/Playstation2.cat..product.21390.html AND this source is reliable look at the bottom of the site
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    Do you think these are new pics?

    Damn!! the second proves you won't start the game with monsterous amounts of HP :(
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    What if... Character themes

    I think tht if characters were to be given individual themes i beilieve Riku's would be Tourniquet from Evanecence See the lyrics i tried to kill the pain but only brought more (so much more) i lay dying and i'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal i'm dying praying bleeding and screaming am i...
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    Okay, so from the official site trailer...

    how do you know its finished? when the key is filled?
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    KH2 clip on teck tv

    yeah G4 tech Tv is better and is more updated I bet you KH2 will be at there E3 sho showing in a week or two
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    Err... A question... *raises hand*

    oh **** i just noticed sorry hair color krap Riku in Kh hair- Silvery Blue Riku(?)- white... well its is like a 90% chance... I totally think he should have kept the soul eater... (?) Wow it may not be him 80% can't be sure can we? Blind fold may be to Riku What BHK is to Sora... Who knows...
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    What You Think Of Sephiroth!!!

    Wow why open the thread and flame people for their opinions...
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    Why do you love about Zexion.

    I hope that he didn't really die or something... I like that hes a mysterious character it seems like he should have been a main character . I would have been interested
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    Funniest line in Kh

    LOL that would be hilarious
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    The Organization of COM (Looong post)

    I agree completely with your theory. I just don't wanna beilieve that Zexion is dead. He seemed interesting... I think that riku and mikey could be named Mikey X and Riku X (how cheesy)
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    Bhk Playable

    Yup its been confirmed I hope That the BHK is faster than Sora and jumps higher or maybe It'll be like reverse rebirth in KHCOM,, no it shouldn't be ...
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    OMG the castle of Oblivion

    Oh yeah, maybe they just came out of it... Goofy looks high lol