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    KH2 Release date to be confirmed?

    Cool Thanks For The Hint
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    Kingdom Hearts have sequels like Final Fantasy?

    Re: another kh!!!!!!!!!! well if its going to take this long for the second one to come out how long do you guys think the others will come out. If they do come out with 15 other sequels to Kingdom Hearts we'll all be like in our 20's. And plus i dont think Tetsuya will let this thing go...
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    yea im probably start playing it to see what happens but thats when i get a good solid date when the game comes out
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    A theory.... *ahem*

    hey man great theory but i haven't even read it all yet. But its the best theory so far.
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    ASAS fast quotes

    thank you for the quotes.
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    Sora's spell

    In the TGS trailer does anyone know the spell that sora cast when he was surronded by a crown?
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    What does ''This topic is suspended"' mean?

    Re: Sora's move In the TGS trailer does anyone know that spell that sora cast when he was surronded by a crown?
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    Is Kairi a Keyblade Master?

    Re: Is Kairi a keyblade master Hey so what you guys are saying is that you will be able to play different characters like riku, kiari, and others with keyblades.