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  1. Santiago

    So is there any hope that this game will come to Ps Vita?

    If we got enough people to bother Sony about wanting it ported to Vita, I'm sure it could happen. The problem is getting people to do so. If it worked with Borderlands 2, why wouldn't it now?
  2. Santiago

    The likelihood of II.5 (and I.5) being ported to PS4/Vita

    With Kingdom Hearts I.5 being requested a fair amount (Even though Final Fantasy Type-0 dominated the competition) in a blog post by Sony asking which games people want ports of (More Great Games Coming to PlayStation via Third Party Production Team – PlayStation.Blog), I'm wondering if SE would...
  3. Santiago

    PS3 Kingdom Hearts bundle?

    I'd die of happiness if this happened. I'm almost 100% convinced it'll never happen, but still.
  4. Santiago

    PS3 Kingdom Hearts bundle?

    I don't see it happening since next-gen is on the horizon, but I'd love to be proven wrong. I'd buy a bundle like this in a heartbeat.
  5. Santiago

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Debut Trailer!

    ...Is it too late to hope for a PS4 release? Sure, their wouldn't be a gap in graphics, but the possibility of having the game run at 60fps over the PS3's inevitable 30 is too good to pass down.
  6. Santiago

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Debut Trailer!

    No PS4 release... Oh how I hope Gaikai doesn't end up being a flop.
  7. Santiago

    When I think 2.5 is coming out

    Re: When I think 2.5 is coming out. Keep in mind they lost all the original assets for KH1FM, which added lots of time to the development of 1.5. Making all the cutscenes for 358/2 Days took some time too. Seeing as re:coded has significantly less cutscenes than Days and that they should have...
  8. Santiago


    They changed it so you get MP Rage at level 90 with the Dream Shield? That's a huge change from the original level 57 unlock. Now the Rikunort is going to be infinitely harder with that in mind.
  9. Santiago

    I still don't skip the cutscenes

    I only skip if it's a cutscene that comes before a boss battle that I've lost to. No point in rewatching them every time you restart the fight imo.
  10. Santiago

    How to use Block?

    Sora learns Guard at level 15 with the Dream Shield, 24 with the Dream Sword, or 33 with the Dream Rod.
  11. Santiago

    Chances Of KH 1.5/2.5 On PSN?

    Source: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix on PS3 Today, New Trailer – PlayStation.Blog
  12. Santiago

    Kingdom Hearts Optional Worlds?

    100 Acre Woods is optional.
  13. Santiago

    HD 1.5 ReMIX Quirks?

    Even without Leaf Bracer, it was practically impossible to die with Second Chance + MP Rage. Jumping up and using Cure midair avoids 99.9% of attacks, so Leaf Bracer doesn't really change much.
  14. Santiago

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I don't remember the year I was introduced to it, but I remember very vividly how it happened.One night, my brother decided to sleep over at one of his good friend's house. I was very young at the time, too young to stay alone, so I had to accompany my mother the day after to pick him up. I...
  15. Santiago

    When will 2.5 be announced

    Even though TGS is only a month away, the suspense of whether or not 2.5 will be coming over to PS4 is killing me. I know that it probably won't, but I will continue to stay hopeful until SE makes an announcement.
  16. Santiago

    Do you think coded will be a cinematic film like Days?

    Re: Do You Think Coded Will be a Cinematic Film Like Days? Coded being a short game that isn't very cutscene heavy, I think it merits a full game. Square Enix may think otherwise, however. We can safely assume it'll be a cinematic film until announced otherwise.
  17. Santiago

    IGN preview of Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    When he wasn't saying that, he was saying: "We would show you (insert feature here), but unfortunately we aren't allowed to." He really should have gone on a longer path instead of just going back and forth between three sections.
  18. Santiago

    Will We Ever See a Full 358/2 Days Remake?

    They originally wanted to remake the game entirely for 1.5, but they didn't have enough time to, so they settled for just remaking the cutscenes. That being said, will we ever see them fully remake it? Would you support their decision if they did? I'm really hoping we do see it in a future...
  19. Santiago

    Hopes for 2.5 HD

    -PS4 release -Birth By Sleep isn't terribly ported That's it, honestly.
  20. Santiago

    News ► Trailer - Introduction to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX!

    I just now watched the PAX trailer five times in a row, and I don't see that scene in it. Weird. EDIT: They changed the release date to match that of the EU release in this trailer. Even weirder.