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    What songs were you expecting in Ice Cream Beat?

    i like ice cream beat and i was hopeful for either org 13's boss music for siax/xaldin (you know the one) or days dirge of the 14th (doubted it very much). also hand in and sounds familier but i cant put my finger on it.
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    spoilers (who is the strongest playable wielder)

    the line up is: 1. sora: the main character in the series, has vens heart inside of him that allows him to wield the keyblade. after roxas rejoins with him he can use drives to dual wield for an amount of time. 2. riku: soras best friend, light and dark comes together in a never before seen way...
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    Is Terra Still Alive?

    i do agree but i personally think that the lingering sentiment is in a sense a absent silhouette as it cant speak properly and it is fought in a portal out of nowhere. and i agree that terra is xehanort but i think that in the secret ending terras eyes go gold from him using his inner darkness...
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    Help/Support ► does anyone know how to do this

    its all in the title but how can you animate this its so people like me can do this as well YouTube - kingdom hearts 2 FINAL MIX terra fight moves
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    who is the strongest wielder from kh 1/2

    the options: sora: the person you play as and make him stronger as you play. he can use drives to increase his power and is highly capable of magic. roxas: abandons all defensive techniques when using his signature dual wielding style. riku: uses light and darkness can use a dark form to...
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    ven is maybe the first

    ven maybe the first nobody. maybe he lost his heart and began to change into a nobody but not physically. maybe losing his heart made him change and begin to doubt himself as a keyblade wielder. so asks aqua to erase him. then not wanting to completely kill him. she chose to put him inside a...
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    How are organization 13 evil? o.O

    i agree to me they are not evil just a bit misguided. xemnes tricked them to acomplish his own ends. simple as that really.
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    dont they feel

    in kh 2 they say nobodys feel no emotions but xemnes uses hate, rage, happiness and despair xibar uses fear in days hate when fighting happiness when taunting sora the list can go on and on for each member so can they feel or cant they i apoligise if youve had enouth with these threads but...
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    Some questions

    sora does not have his true body. kairi uses light to restore his original image. so he's a heartless but his body is made of light not dark.
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    Theory of Weilding Light and Dark

    i can under stand what youre sayin but with sora he unwillingly enters dark but uses it. as for riku an anti him i cant imagine.
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    Birth by Sleep Official Site+ Trailer

    Re: Birth by Sleep Official Site ive only just seen the site looks good but because im not that interested in bbs im not particuarly exited about it.
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    anti form

    same but now i just use final alot and well the anti points go way down and youre defense is halfed like when i was fighting saix for fun then went anti he did his super '' all shall be lost to you'' combo as i went anti so you can imagine i went ker-put
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    anti form

    ah never seen the stratagy guide could you send a link or pic
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    anti form

    hhhhmmmm then its proberly you must have loads of anti point thingys
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    anti form

    you have proberly heard loads about how you use this and how to turn into it but the thing iv'e noticed is that i turn into it when i get hit when driving into valor, wisdom, or master but its never twice in a row so do you think this anti point thing plays a part as in get a load of anti...
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    who would be the strongest

    this ive thought about for a while who is the strongest as in who can lift more saix or lexaus saix can lift the claymore like a feather, even throwing it up an caching it without any trouble. when he dies it then goes thud. lexaus has to swing his tomahawk and then prop it up on his...
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    Your lowest level

    36 on normal but i rushed through the first time
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    Decisive Pumpskin best keyblade against Sephiroth?

    i used ultima and its kinda impossible to fight him with fenrir
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    which path wud u hav taken

    yes it is dark for me
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    dumb unbirth theory

    unbirths are made when a person has lost all memories of being a person and then they start to lose there human shape then they ultimately fade from existance