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    FF7 AC music?

    Does anyone know were I can find FF7 AC music like Beyond the Wasteland?
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    Detection Weapons?

    Does anyone know the codes for all the detection weapons?
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    Armax Code Thread

    Ok this thread will be the thread were people post codes for Armax.I also have a few questions I've seen clips of gameplay as party members and I was wondering if someone could post those codes along with the mickey codes PLEASE?
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    armax code HELP

    I've seen a few clips with gameplay as party members and I was wondering if someone could please give me the codes?
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    Mickey codes????

    Does anyone know if there are mickey codes for AR Max?My friend has AR MAX so I wanted to see if there are any mickey codes and if there are post them here Please?
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    E3 May 10-12 2006

    I 'm looking foward to news on kh3 and I'm wondering if they will have a kh3 trailer at E3.
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    KH3 thread

    Post what characters or worlds that you think might be in Kh3.Post theories about Kh3 and information you might have of the possible next KH game.:)
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    Action Replay?

    Ok I'm going to go out and get this action replay but does anyone know If I need to get a certain one?I'm just going to get it to have fun not beat Sephiroth with it because I already beat him without any codes.
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I guess he is a good challenge to fight then my friend will shit his pants when he finds out that I beat Sephiroth.LOL
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know where you fought the 1000 heartless just go there then go to dark depths.Rytakkle what ablity were you using when you jumped realy high and attacked him when he was about to use that spell?????
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you think getting down to 2 bars is good for a 10 year old????
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only had 2 more bars until he would die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can someone tell me good abilities and strategies I should have when I fight him and what level I should be at I'm at level 76??????!!!PLEASE SOMEONE HELP???????
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    Kairis Keyblade

    Sorry thats the only pic I could find.
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    Kairis Keyblade

    Heres a pic of Kairi holding her keyblade http://pics.livejournal.com/nunuu/pic/00168c8x/g13
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    How do I get the Paradox Cerebus cup?

    Can someone please tell me how I get the paradox cerebus cup please???
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    Did you vere wonder

    Did you ever wonder what the organizations true human forms looked like???Post what you think they look like here.:)
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    Gummi Ship Help please

    Ok I am horrible at the gummi ship editor thing but I have a few questions my first is I went and beat the agrabah highway thingy on mission 1 or 2 and I got the Chocobo ship I went into special gummi and its not there my second is how do I make a realy cool gummi ship?Please somone answer...
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    Kh2 ultimate codes

    I beat the game and I'm just playing it for fun trying to get level ups and stuff I just wanted to use the cheats for fun.
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    Kh2 ultimate codes

    Do you know what the codes are???
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    Kh2 ultimate codes

    Did anyone know that there will be a kh2 ultimate codes cd.I hope that one cheat is infinite drive and infinate HP and Mp.