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    Official KH3D NA Release Date!

    YAY this just made my day!!! Start up the count down clock so i can stare at it all day.
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    clarification please. bbs spoilers

    Okay after playing bbs and watching the hidden video, I have a question. Okay so in the end mx takes over Terras body. We find out that Terra is always fighting to take back control. Now while inside Terra, is mx still controlling Terra's body? Or is it just a Terra with amnesia? We know that...
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    Theory on dream drop distance

    I like this theory a lot. I would makes sense to me that they would need some kind of item weather it be a keyblade or what have you to wake Ventus and Xion and Roxas maybe even Axal, and all the others bc why wouldn't King mickey or Master Yensid just have Sora go wake them from the start.
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    Birth by Sleep Turns a Year old

    YAY!!!! It was almost a year ago my PSP became useful :P
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    kingdomhearts myspace

    hey dose anyone know where i can get some kingdom hearts GIFs and/or miny clips.
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    The REAL thing for the third symbol spoilers

    i think your right it will have nothing to do with kh3 ay all
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    kingdom hearts 2 stuff

    hey dose any one know a good place to where i can get some KH2 stuff for myspace?????
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    Kh2: Too Easy?

    yeah i agree im almost done and i got it like on friday..what took them 4 years to make only takes 4 days to beat
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    kool do you want a medal or something???
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    Sora vs Roxas pt2

    roxas is kool but i have to go with my boy sora :)
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    can some one here give me a hand

    okay found some thing thank you
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    can some one here give me a hand

    hey i was just wondering dose any one have a link to some cut seans of sora fighting in timeless river. i want to see what the fighting will looks like
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    sry wrong thred
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    lets just say

    okay let just say that for some reson they never ended up make kh2 do you think you could of made you own ending of what you think would have happned. b/c there was alot of dout that there was going to be a 2nd one at fisrt.
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    are you going to use cheats

    Are any of you going to use any cheat codes, like action relpay or code braker. and i dont think there will be any in game cheat codes but if there are would you use them? i dont think i will the first time around but after i have beating it i wont feel bad about it anymore and get me some...
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    clarification if you please.

    hey even tho tho the frist person told you want you wanted am going to be like evey one else no hes not sry
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    can you

    well i cant wait to try out the new fighting and fuseing but here my Q can you do it out side of fights or do there have to be heartless/nobodys around. can you do it ant any pont of the game at any time
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    Are you going to be one of those people?

    i preorder but am that big of a nut where i want to be one of the frist so i will be waiting at store till they get it
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    Official KH2 Countdown Thread

    well by my count and am going off the 30th and the fact that the store im getting it from is going to have a midnight reless there is 31 days 14 hours and 19min its
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    whos ur fav. member of the organization

    your missing some body tho am not going to say his/her b/c its a spoiler