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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    If the organization members ahd no hearts tehn they would automatically be turned into heartless. They are niether dark nor light. theyre just plain old mysterious bad guys who mess around with sora.
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    Favorite Organization Member

    DiZ is not a classifed Organization Member, the only reason why someone would think this is because he has some sort of meeting with one of them ina very quick clip in the KH2 trailor. Niether are Riku or Mickey, they just wear the cloaks to show that they are niether dark nor light. My...
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    Premium Cards...

    i use premium cards one sleights that i know the card isnt coming back anyway, it saves quite a few card points. Examples: curaga, firaga, blizzaga, thundaga, etc.:D
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    I may be going crazy but still.....

    Ive heard somewhere that, that scene is in the beginning of the game and that castle is in fact the hollow Bastion. but they could be wrong, plus i dont know where i read it i just remember reading it somewhere.. hm