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    Question on Sora & Riku

    I want to know, the keyblade that Sora uses, who does it belong to? I've read that it was Riku's and now I'm hearing it was Ventus' so I'm confused T^T, same thing with Riku's keyblade, were we ever told where it came from?
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    Lea Discussion

    Not sure if this was posted since I didnt read the whole thread but I think Lea might have some of that 'xehanort' in him which what might be giving him some of that keyblade power? o_O
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    Aqua's possible boss fight in BBV2?

    I was thinking about this for a while actually, assuming that BBSV2 is made and it takes place from BBS to KH or even a bit more, you think that she might have helped Sora fight ASOD indirectly/behind the scene? Maybe he had sme tenticals or some crap flying around that she took down, maybe she...
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    That looks awesome, from the looks of things just too much is going on, its hard for me to think that Xehanort planned on all this, either someone/thing is helping him or he just fucked everything up hard. Like whats this red eyes thing in RoD? I've never seen a redeyes heartless and if there is...
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    Nobodies didn't exist back then, heartless always existed, Noruma said something along the lines that Xemnas was the first nobody ever created. Also I read it somewhere on this thread or somewhere recently, wasn't this battle called "Deep darkness of the future" or some crap along those lines...
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    I remembered soemthing quite intertesting, remember when Xigbar looked at Xion in the end of 358/2 and saw Ventus? Maybe somehow, someway that Maybe that Noruma answered to 'that' question, could have something to do with this? Maybe Xion was a replica of Sora with Ven heart? It goes agianst...
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    lmfao! This just killed me, theres like 4 people posting on this thread that are just going insane. From what I see, everyone is wrong and right, as for the Roxas having Ven's heart senerio, I'll say it one last time, it makes 100% sense to me, but the fact that noruma said MAYBE can change...
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    Obviously you've only read half of my posts, I said I fully agree that Roxas could literally be holding Ventus' heart, it makes 100% perfect sense to me, it makes a lot of things fit together beautifully, but as long as HE doesn't say its fact than...well we cant say its true, Its his story, not...
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    Roxas looks likes Ventus for the same reason that Vanitas looks like Sora, there hearts are connected.
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    Lmao, this can go on forever, shows us where its confirmed that he does have it? Also, please just link up where Noruma said its fact, if he in fact said yes, that would stop my brain from having a meltdown and the whole series would make more sense but as he never said yes....were back to where...
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    Hey I said it before and I'll say it again, it makes 100% sense to me that Roxas would have Ven's heart/fractured heart/whatever thats Ven's in him, but Noruma never stated, verbally or within any game that this is the case, therefore making it a theory and not a fact.
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    If it is, please post exactly where Noruma changed his mind from "maybe" to "yes" on the idea, I would really love to see it myself.
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    The only proof of the emotions thing is the idea that Roxas and Xion gained emotions as they progressed in 358/2, which is true since Xion was just like a puppet in the beginning and Roxas acted the same way, I'd say its pretty damn hard to fake tears if you 100% completely lacked emotions, then...
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    I like this theory and I support it As for the emotions and such, i'm getting pretty annoyed at people saying they don't give emotions, nothing supports the idea, true, but nothing disproves the idea as well. Unless you got some proof then stop with that spammage, its getting annoying :x Also...
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    Xemnas and Roxas in the dark Margin BBS connection.

    Roxas is Sora's nobody, that is rock solid fact. Here is the interesting part... When someone becomes a nobody, they dont change the way they look, at all. But then you look at Sora and Roxas then think "Wtf happened there?". Well Ven's heart which was inside Sora influenced the way Sora's...
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    Question about LS and Xehanort

    Yeah I see it before, keychains change the form you know, also makes em wonder about Mikey, maybe he wasn't looking for a keyblade rather a keychain in KH1 that gives his keyblade the abilities it has, I really do want to know what went down now.
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    Question about LS and Xehanort

    I just had an idea come into my head just now, I got this after watching the Lingering Senitment battle, I know this whole fight was non-canon and blah blah, my idea was, if the keyblade that Sora uses, what if for some reason its the same one that Xehanort uses in BBS? Maybe thats why the...
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    Riku's Way To Dawn

    I need to ask, when exactly did Riku get the Way to Dawn? I honestly don't remember if it was ever mentioned before or not and I wasn't able to find a thread with the answer to such a question either.
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    Who else was sad when Axel...

    Well I was reading this novel that came out for KH2 online (There were a few pages back then but this was like 2 years ago or so) One scene shows Xemnas talking to the remaining members after Axel suicides and he says "He has join with his heart" or something along those lines, maybe just maybe...
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    Roxas a complete dude? o_O

    Well this just kinda came to me a moment ago, actually this might have been though of before but I've never seen it, anyway: It was stated that replicas have hearts, fake hearts but hearts nonetheless at the end when Xion supposedly 'joins' with Roxas you think he might have gotten her heart...