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  1. RoomKey

    Why are underwater sections the most hated?

    I really don't get it. Atlantica wasn't bad, the Water Temples aren't bad, the water worlds in Mario aren't really bad either. At least, that's my opinion. I really don't understand what's the problem with these small parts of video games.
  2. RoomKey

    What relationhips do you want to be focused on?

    I don't mean pairings specifically, I mean interactions in general. I mean relationships such as Goofy and Donald friendship, or Terra and Xehanort's animosity. Personally, I would like to see Riku interact more with King Mickey. I mean, I think they're kinda like best friends now. Some proof...
  3. RoomKey

    Would Cloud Beat Sora In a Canon Fight?

    Nah. I mean, you can already beat Cloud in KH1 and kinda weirdly canonically beat Sephiroth.
  4. RoomKey

    A question about Ven's heart

    I'm assuming Ventus didn't get his own nobody because his heart went to Roxas instead his own body? Idk.
  5. RoomKey

    what are your top 3 favorite keyblades

    Ultima, Oblivion, and Oathkeeper. Any order.
  6. RoomKey

    in your opinion, what are the best and worst things about the original kingdom hearts?

    Best: The story :)Worst: Gummi Ship segments
  7. RoomKey

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    I still don't get the hate you guys have for KHII. I really liked it. Anyways, my reasoning for my list is: KHI: Easily the best in the whole series. Great story, great gameplay, right amount of difficulty, and just overall a classic. KHII: Great second chapter to the original. Love the...
  8. RoomKey

    Preparation for Sephiroth?

    It's actually like verrrrrrrrrrrrrry easy. You don't even really need to the drive forms. Put a shortcut on ether, elixers, hi potions, etc. (try to shortcut 2 only) You also need reflega. If you can't reach Sephiroth when he's using heartless angel, just use trinity.
  9. RoomKey

    does Axel have a heart?

    I think it's a possibility. Roxas probably influenced Axel so much that it made him grow a heart (or something like that..)
  10. RoomKey

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    As the title says :) Personally, I got in it ever since I started playing since 2005 and bought the original, then I bought Re:CoM and KHII and was hooked.
  11. RoomKey

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Kh2 Critical mode is a breeze. I've already beaten sephiroth and all the absent Org XIII. Now, all need is Terra and the data-Org XIII. Already beat Marluxia (which was a breeze aswell.)
  12. RoomKey

    Beta-Sora or final draft?

    Regular Sora > Proto Sora>Fan-made
  13. RoomKey

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Of course I respect it! I'm simply expressing my own views >.<
  14. RoomKey

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Again, I don't give two sh!ts what Nomura has to say or how he "works". If they're not going to bother explaining in the games then it's up to me to decide. And I never said Nomura doesn't get a large chunk of credit for the game, he does. In fact, he probably gets more than everyone else. He...
  15. RoomKey

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Yes, I am telling you that. Literally anything he says can be thrown out into the garbage unless it's actually part of the game. What if he told you Sora was actually evil on the inside? Or what if he told you Pooh was a keyblade master? Would you call that 100% canon? Anyways, it's not like he...
  16. RoomKey

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    What's your order of the best to worst KH games? Why? Mine is: KHI KHII KHDDD KHBBS KHDAYS KHCOM KHCODED Edit: I switched KHDDD into 3rd and KHBBS into 4th
  17. RoomKey

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Actually, in this case, niether of them can be "fact". Just because Nomura stated it, it doesn't mean it's canon. It has to be either explicitly stated in the games or implied. Since it's neither of them, all you can do is assume. Since there's literally no proof of whose voice it is, anything...
  18. RoomKey

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Mickey being the voice is so jarring to me. I always pictured someone a little more...human. My personal canon is Walt Disney.
  19. RoomKey

    Organization Members Ranked From Best to Worst (Excluding Xion)

    1. Roxas 2. Axel 3. Larxene 4. Xemnas 5. Marluxia 6. Xemnas 7. Xaldin 8. Luxord 9. Demyx 10. Saix 11. Vexen 12. Xexion 13. Lexaeus
  20. RoomKey

    Deep Jungle

    As much as I'd love to see Tarzan, I feel like Tarzan's story has already ended. It would kinda be like going to Cinderella's world again.