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    i have imported kh2 and slide card...

    slide card swap magic translates japanese games into english.It also lets you play japanese games on it.
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    best keyblade

    all of them are decent :)
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    missing keyblade

    well just wait for more info
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    Worlds in Kindom Hearts...

    robin hood,prydian and camelot are confirmed according to japanese magazines :) so is pride rock :P
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    what would you like for kh-2 ?

    you all have cool ideas.
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    what would you like for kh-2 ?

    it took a long time to find them all.
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    what would you like for kh-2 ?

    that would be good.
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    what would you like for kh-2 ?

    I would like: all keys for Sora all shields for Goofy all rods for Donald to team up w/ Mickey anything else?
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    What worlds do you want in KH2?

    Re: What worlds do you think there are or want to be in KH2? lion king and robin hood have been confirmed according 2 japanese magazines.
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    the figure in the new scan!!!

    little blury.it's too light.
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    the secret place pictures

    i saw hollow bastion castle.
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    don't forget 2 get the divine rose keychain/keyblade from bell after sealing the keyhole.
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    Oathkeeper-obtain From Kairi After Talking To Her In The Traverse Town Water Way.
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    kairi"s parents theory

    it's called adoption people.
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    What's Your favorite non-heartless boss

    kurt zisa i guess
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    News to me?._.

    wouldn't that be cool if we could swap members from different worlds. like auron in the mulan leval or stuff like that.
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    News to me?._.

    cool!!! *leaps in the air and swaps party members* I WANT AURON,MULAN,GOOFY,+ DONALD, i'll stick w/goof,mulan and auron! :) :p
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    i need kh com rom (english)

    ROM images (or ROMs, for short) is used in the context of emulation for a binary file which contains graphics, sounds, and program code. ROM images are usually created so that the software can be run on computer hardware different from the one the software was originally designed for, using...
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    Kingdom Hearts II New Scans!!

    come on ppl reply to my thing. *looks @ jenna or Will! or what if you could have 6 members (Sora,Goofy,Donald,Will,Jack, or maybe the BHK) that would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts II New Scans!!

    who is supposed to take out barbosa then ?