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    Ansem's lil Son

    but didnt it sound a little od? Ansem having a son?
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    what would you do if they suddenly cancelled KH2

    I would get crazy and run to tokyo naked and say to them if they dont continue with KH II I will follow them naked for the rest of there lifes and pee on there pants.....
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    Do someone have a full picture of cloud from KHII? I really want to see...
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    What do you think looks best in KH2????

    everythin looks good in this
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    I think all of them are a worthy Final boss
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    question about riku

    hmmm... this is confusing....
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    Axel or Ansem?

    Axel... because he so cool... way cooler than Ansem!
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    I cant believe that Atlantica is back!

    Atlantica.... I just hate that world.... its boring.....
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    Favorite Character in Kingdom Hearts II?

    Re: Who is ur fav character from K-H 2?? Mines Sora. i like hes new look with his black clothes.
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    What Dual Keyblade Pair do you want Sora to use in KH2?

    i would say metal chocobo and leonheart. or maby Ultima weapon and Oblivion.
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    It is probably DIZ I think he looks like he is the final boss