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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    Well I got my RE: COM for X-mas but I've only played it a few times. =\ The time that I did play it though I thought it seemed pretty good and I loved COM on the GBA. Yeah I need to find some time and beat the game. <_<
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    My biggest disappointments of Kh2 was the fire spell not being long range anymore, lack of summons and Alantica, it fails.
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    What do you think of

    Why would it look lame? Chain of Memories was awesome, it deserves good box art. To be honest, this might be my most favorable Kh box art. Although, Kh2 box art does put up a good fight.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread Oh man, I just now see this a few weeks before it comes out :D. I've been waiting for this for a long time, well now I know what to get for X-mas. Personally, I loved KH:COM on the GBA, the remake of KH:COM on the Ps2 will be total bad-ass. Can't wait.
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    Sorry I haven't really said anything to my friends about my disappearance, I'm going through some tough real life issues right now and rather not talk about it at this point. I just need to get away from everything. Again sorry to all my friends for my inactivity and more to come. Hope I can...
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    Guess What I Did!

    No Shadow Riders is a clan on the Rpg...>,> I really have no records yet except my level 99 Roxas.
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    Help/Support ► My retarded school

    No I do not go to a private school, its public.
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    has anyone.....

    No you do not and you can check out my topic in forum insanity about level 99 Roxas.
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    Help/Support ► Please pray with me

    This might sound mean but not trying to but I think would have been best if she died too considering that she will be all alone now. I'm not going to pray but best wishes to her.
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    Help/Support ► My retarded school

    Haha I never study. XP
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    Help/Support ► My retarded school

    stfu you have no life Yeah it would be that in Taiwan, the kids there are all pretty smart. Haha now I don't feel as bad.
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    Help/Support ► Trouble with girls

    Dude don't stop loving something you love, I'm a anime freak and my girlfriend doesn't care. You need to find someone who won't care what you like.
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    Help/Support ► My retarded school

    I'm not a hard work and I don't study. :P Oh and a letter wouldn't matter, they said they won't change it.
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    Help/Support ► My retarded school

    Oh thanks for rubbing it in. lol
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    Help/Support ► My retarded school

    Yeah this really isn't asking for help but its just ranting lol. Well a few years ago my school decided to change the grading scale and this is the bs we got. A 100.00 94.50 A- 94.49 92.50 B+ 92.49 90.50 B 90.49 86.50 B- 86.49 84.50 C+ 84.49 82.50 C 82.49 78.50 C- 78.49...
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    Gummi Ships in BBS?

    I thought they already said there will be a new way of traveling other then gummi ships and darkness portals.
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    Ok I have a question I brought Guitar Hero 3 with the guitar for X-mas. Now can I use that same guitar with the past Guitar Hero's (1,2, 70's and 80's) or will I have to buy another guitar and which one?
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    Help/Support ► Another Problem

    Man my parents are protective but no where near that! Well there really isn't much you can do right now till you go off to college, just move far away! :D
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    Wat did u think of the battle against Sephiroth?

    I found the battle way to easy, much easier then the Kh1 battle with him.
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    Who will buy one?

    Ugh, I need a Psp AND a new DS. Maybe later on if the PsP has a price drop. BBS does look good.