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    The Quizzical Quandry of Leroy Harraho

    Hey folks, just wrapped up an 8 part comic strip on deviantart, and wanted to share it here, as my posting has become scarce again on this forum: you can find every part in this gallery: Agent-OHarah's deviantART gallery so that I won't have to post every part here. please feel free to comment...
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    I had the chance to go and see this fresh, Tony award winning show while it was still in new york, and i eagerly anticipate its national tour, so i can see it again anyone else see it/hear about it/want to see it? for those who don't know anything about it, its a Murder Mystery Musical Comedy...
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    The Bo Burnham Appreciation Thread

    Couldn't find one of these here, and i'm sure he has plenty of fans on this site, or any site for that matter. With his album out now, i figured we could discuss anything from favorite songs, his burgeoning career, future news, his "stand up", et cetera. The reason i find him so talented is...
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    Yet another theory

    this theory is hinging on the big "what if" of Kairi being a special case due soley to the fact that she's royalty? shakey at best
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    It's Been a Dog's Age...

    Hey folks! Who the hell remembers me? I took a bit of a hiatus from this site after Final Mix+ hype was winding down, and i'll be honest: I forgot i was a member here. But i'm gunna try to get back into the swing o' things here. anywho, point being, its been a while since I've "graced" these...
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    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

    Haven't seen any threads for this so i was like, what the hell, i'll do it. Got this for the DS a few days ago, and i have to say, even though the story is cliched and the dialouge is often childish, i enjoy the game very much. The minigames are all lots of fun, including the "microgames", and...
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    My theory of why NOT KH2:FM+ will come

    plus the new Form and christmas town outfit, and a new Secret Ending....if they didn't bring it over, they'd be withholding alot of experiences for us:unsure:
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    Wario: Master of Disguise

    anyone else get this game yet for the DS, or plan on it? it's cool, really makes good use of the stylus, wherin you have to draw the disguises wario uses. i just got it today and so far, so good. anyone else got any input?
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    Help/Support ► The right to know.

    you don't seem to be seeking support, either, if you're just asking for opinions... and anyway, having not been adopted, cannot understand truely how you feel, but i can say that i have had similar feelings towards people, wondering if in some way, we are related or connected somhow, starting...
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    New wonderful world scans!

    nah, but if you already have one... i'm kinda lookin forward to this game, its very intriguing. Plus, can't go wrong with Nomura's art.
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    Shiva V. The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    this is a question that has tortured me for years: who would win in this, the most epic of battles? i figure, since they both have multiple "arms", they would be the best to pit against one another. if you can't tell, this is a mock thread, cause i've grown weary of seein' ridiculous fights...
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCuGUzALu7I&NR .....thoughts?
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    666 Satan (O-Parts Hunter)

    a while ago (like, 2004 or somethin) i found a manga online called 666 Satan. The artwork looked startalingly similar to Naruto. Turns out its written and illustrated by Kishimoto's brother. I've also recently seen it published here in the US under the name "O-Parts Hunter". Its about a boy...
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    Studio 60

    ....On the Sunset Strip" any fans of the show? i certainly am. Love everything about it: The writing, actors, concept..etc. for those unfamiliar with it: the premise is, its a "behind the scenes look" at a sketch comedy show, somewhat like SNL or MadTV. Its about what goes on with the actors...
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    DAH II: Make War, Not Love

    Destroy All Humans 2 got this game a couple of days ago, and so far, just about everything has been improved from the original. cooler guns more guns co-op better areas more villan variety the only gripe i have is that the human disguise can no longer be recharged by scanning minds...it has a...
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    World Trade Center

    I've been seing commercials for this film lately and all i have to say is "Is it really necessary?" what do you all think? It can't be that god awful of a film (cause Nicolas Cage pwns hard), but still, i doubt i will see it. and i'm not saying thats its sacred and should be left untouched...
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    I get the "No Heart" connection, but not really the "Another" is it just that he is "another" ansem?
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    Weird Al (back again?)

    Hey, if you all don't know yet (and are a fan), weird al has a new song for download on his site. Its called 'You're Pitiful', and is a parody of James Blunt's "Your Beautiful". I heard that its not going to be on a CD, thus the free download, but that there will be a new CD soon. pretty cool, no?
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    Battle Stadium D.O.N

    i'll post this here too, cause it pertains mostly to this section: anyone here about that new jump game coming out in japan? it features DBZ, One Piece, and Naruto. its called Battle Stadium D.O.N (im fairly sure that the DON stands for dbz, one piece, and naruto). it looks really cool, and...
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    Ask a Ninja

    who here loves it? cause i think its flippin hilarious: askaninja.com you can also see them at you tube, just search "Ask a Ninja Question...." and put a number at the end. currently i believe that there are 21 "episodes" what are your favorites? mine's either question #18: Minjas, or #20...