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  1. MangaCrazy101

    General Allergy Discussion

    So the thread name says it all; What are you allergic to and how do you deal with it? What do you think future generations will be like dealing with viruses/allergies in such a sterilised environment. Do you believe that playing in dirt, and being susceptible to foods when we were younger has...
  2. MangaCrazy101

    Anime/Manga ► Bootleg Products- Anime', Manga and the Merch.

    Welcome to a civilised discussion on a topic that personally most of us (as stereotypical Otakus) hate with a passion. Bootleged products. Where do you stand on bootleg/counterfeit products? About two or three years ago I received the whole 'Sailor Moon' collection on DVD (including the movies)...
  3. MangaCrazy101

    I'm now a 'mature' adult.

    Oh well I turned eighteen today and just felt I needed to let you all know and because i'm doing sh*t all today and I have no life- I'm sitting on the computer with a drink of alcohol that I bought feeling pretty happy with myself. Well done you've done nothing with the first eighteen years of...
  4. MangaCrazy101

    Formal Dress Help.

    Haha okay. If any mod wants to move this or what ever, go ahead- I had no idea where else it would go. Okay well normally I would ask my friends which dress they would like better, but we decided as it's our graduation that we aren't going to show each other and I thought- 'well I need an...
  5. MangaCrazy101

    SO back =)

    HIYA XD Just to let you all know. Jb's back for good now =) he-he So, anything I need to know about changed rules or any role-plays anyone wants me to join or anything that needs to be read, I'm there xD. Luv you all Jb. xoxox
  6. MangaCrazy101

    {[( The Death FanClub )]}

    How could an awsome fanclub die? it's back to Haunt you. Death is among us. ... You know? That annoying guy with the grim reaper avvie? The totally random one we all, 'love' and 'cherish'. Things you should know about Death 1. He has a scythe and he WILL use it. 2. Death is a...
  7. MangaCrazy101

    My first signature.

    Okay so I finally figured out how to use photoshop (I'm stubborn so i didn't want help). I used a photo from the new movie 'I give my first love to you' or 'Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu'. With some yellow tint thing (i have no clue) I used some healing brush to blur it after using some...
  8. MangaCrazy101

    Boy confused

    Yes I realise I use this part of the forum alot. =/ But I'm not sure what to do. My boyfriend and I have been going out for nearly four months now and its a long distance relationship (he lives five and a half hours away). We haven't seen each other for over the time we've been going out and I'm...
  9. MangaCrazy101

    The Justice of Aura (sign ups and OOC)

    STORY- Those who didn't deserve to die are permitted an afterlife. The great God Aura has given them another chance. The Great God Aura isnt a human or a being, it is the spiritual enegry that flows through everyone's heart. When at death for those who don't deserve it; the Aura within them...
  10. MangaCrazy101

    Um.. how to put this... bye

    I'm leaving KHI. One person half knows the reason and it's not cause of ANYONE on here. Ok. I had MAJOR fun while I was her, hopefully Ive made quiet alot of friends without seeming too blonde. Sorry if any of you hated me. IM SORRY ABOUT RP'S.. im in that many... can other people take over my...
  11. MangaCrazy101

    What's your sub?

    So lol I was at work today... Making a subway Club and I thought... What do my buddies at KHI like on there subs???? Come on guys Orders up! =P My fave is teh Meatt ball... No veges.. just the meat ^^ Yeah i know its like the only meat i eat sides chicken weird. Subway the KH way.
  12. MangaCrazy101

    Um random drawings =P

    This quality is crap cause I took the pic on my phone... One i did for an assignment at school, I looked at Kairi on the front of KH2 cover to make it =/
  13. MangaCrazy101

    Our Flag, My soldier... ♥

    I walk slowly on a mislead path, Trying to mend my broken heart. The silence is broken, the glass is shattered. And now I know; that you are gone. The last post sounds, my heart pounds. Grief filling my soul, No one can fill this hole. My man, my soldier. Lost forever in a battle of...
  14. MangaCrazy101

    I need to rant, plus i want some advice... (girly adivce)

    ok um normally i would rant like this on fb... but i dont want my friends knowing. Well today my mum was insisting I get fitted for a bra (yeah guys ya may wanna go now -_-) i really didnt want to cause I hate othe rpeople looking at me cause im self concious of my weight and all. So my ended...
  15. MangaCrazy101


    OK i havent seen a thread like this and I couldn't find one (sorry if i missed it). But yes what it says there! 40 minutes here till new years!!!!!! Im not allowed to go out...Plus i only just got home from work bout an hour ago. So question is are you partying? If so Are you getting smashed...
  16. MangaCrazy101

    It's not in my head.

    I know it's weird and all me typing this up here but yeah. I need help. When I was five and a half I was diagnosed with anxiety (means i worry alot) and depression and misdiagnosed with Ad/HD. I had an abusive father and used to get beaten alot. My mum finally grew some guts and left my dad so...
  17. MangaCrazy101

    Bitch or friend?

    Okay I know this will be weird asking you guys and all that but I have one of my best friends who is always cold to us now. I hopped on MSN yesterday night and I said me: hi! She didnt really respond the way she does so aked her if she was ok. Friend: do i SOUND ok?No good cause it's none of...
  18. MangaCrazy101

    Is there any one else who hasn't been to the snow?

    I feel as though I'm the only one in my school who has never seen it and it scorching hot down here for christmas :( So unfair! So how many others have never been to the snow?
  19. MangaCrazy101

    What she said or epic fail?

    A random game. How it works: Write something totally random, a quote, a word, something funny, what ever, if the person under you like it they will put thats what she said if not epic fail! Then they will write something funny/random. Rules: 1.No fighting just epic fail. No saying thats...
  20. MangaCrazy101

    {[(~ THe Grim Reaper FC ~)]} Death ! Premium Fanclub 8D

    A Mad fanclub for a Mad Member. deathwielderTito's very own FC. Not changing the name til he gets it =P For the guy we all know and laugh with *cough; at*, a one of a kind role player (who doesnt always follow the rules). TiTo-Kun has not only given most threads life but he's full of advice and...