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    Bullet Witch

    I really want to get this (I have to get an Xbox 360 first :() but I was just wondering what you guys thought about it, if you've played it before. I know there are some problems with dieing wierd and the graphics but that doesn't bother me much.
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    Your rating to Kingdom Hearts II

    10/10 for me. The battles are what hooked me. The reaction commands made it feel like you were controlling a movie, sort of. Then the improvement of everything else was like icing on the cake.
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    Mike Carey's Adjectiveless X-Men

    I dunno if any of you guys are reading it but I LOVE it. Rogue having her own squad is the best and the team dynamics are great. Even tho there are villains on the team (Sabretooth, Mystique, and Lady Mastermind), Carey makes it work in an excellent way. :wub:
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    New person

    Just got hip to these forums so I decided to register. Even tho I'm new to the forums, I'm not new to Kingdom Hearts. I was going crazy waiting for KH2 to come out and it seems like it's gonna happen again waiting for KH3. Anyhoo, I'm a graphic designer too. Hi!! :thumbsup: