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    Level 99 Roxas

    lool, ok sorry, I'll talk correctly from now on :)
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    Level 99 Roxas

    hmm... if u guys r planning on reaching lvl 99 by killing T.Thorn, then i suggest recording it :D let us all experience it xDDD
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    Level 99 Roxas

    or maybe he forgot the password to his account on KHI...:rolleyes::P
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    Which is better for u :P

    ok so lets start by this: KH1: - it was ALL about darkness and the heartless and losing ur heart to darkness. - ALOT of the heartless had darker colors. - (small difference): during the colleseum, most of the tournaments were in the evening. - 5 optional bosses :D (6 in Final Mix). - the final...
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    Kurt Zisa and the Phantom :D

    lol, how long did it take u to beat them on ur first game?:toungesmile: like how many tries and how many hours??? :D it took me around 20 tries for Zisa, and around 3 hours of play!! and for Phantom... i think it was about 30 plays and 4 hours :P (i know thats unusually close to each other..>.<)
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    angel stars and invisibles r the worst heartless EVER!!! they wont freakin get hurt fast.. what with their freakin moves and defending..
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: The official Re:CoM in America thread. lol, i just found the thread :toungesmile: i wonder how long till it reaches the middle east..
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    Lack of news..

    .. ticks me off so much... to the extent of eating a cookie!! (ok that was creepy) so anyways do u think the info at the next event (forgot the name) is gnna be worth waiting for?? [lol, i think this thread's in the wrong section :P]
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    album name...

    silly question.. whats the name of the album that has all the KH songs in it??? the one with 9 CDs...??
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    Xion at Twilight Thorn Battle?!?!

    Click Here! pause it at the very beggining of 0:15 and it will be clear!! what if it was Xion looking at Roxas? what if Xion summoned Twilight Thorn?? :/ ~~
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    Help/Support ► A problem that just hit me

    ^ thats what i sed a few posts back!! just leave them and find new ones!!! its like how Mysterious said, its gnna be hard but u can at least try!!! bthw, it rlly is cool when ur alone!! but it wont be if its for TOO long, cuz ull start missing how it felt to be around ppl who walk with u, who...
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    Strength or Magic?

    strength and magic r equal! but u gotta admit.. magic is a life saver!! i mean, take out cure for a while! wont the game be much more difficult??? if u didnt have cure and u were getting hit by loads of heartless/nobodies, u wud use magnet + thunder to take them out in a shot! whilst...
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    X-Men vs. Fantastic 4!!!

    i don't think anyone thought of this before!! and if someone did, then my apologies!!! lets see.. x-men or fantastic 4 in an epic battle??? Hmm..... three words: X-Men kick A$$!!!!
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    Help/Support ► A problem that just hit me

    u shud probably just forget about them! just like what i did a few years back! make new frends is a MUCH better solution!!!! trust me, ive been thru it, and ive gotten depressed as well. but when i made new frends, it all became better!!! so itd be best if u forget them and try to find ppl that...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    ^ lol those happened to me too:D
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    Silhouette Battles

    but u cant fight them in Cavern of Remembrance if u didnt beat them in their silhouettes!!!
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    um help needed now..plz help with cups

    ^ what he said!!! also, if ur drive bar finishes, use cure, and start killing ppl with no MP, so that possibly u can have one extra time to summon stitch!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Reality Ain't Pretty, Sora!

    awesum chapter!!! kairis mom rlly is paranoid xDDDD
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    What's Your Fav Punk Band/Artist?!?!

    Like the title says, whos ur fav punk band or artist? mine are Paramore and Avril Lavigne!!! what r urs?
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    Fanfiction ► The Organization's Beginning (chapter 12 soon!)

    Re: The Organization's Beginning awesum fanfic i officially am a fan!:toungesmile: