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  1. Ban Mido

    Gravity Rush 2

    this was announced in september 19th, so its a little old. I did a search and couldn't find a thread for it. PS Vita: Gravity Rush 2 Confirmed - NowGamer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MsMSkDbHwk the original Gravity Rush is one of my favorite games. I'm thrilled that it's getting a...
  2. Ban Mido

    Nomura Talks about Disney's acquisitions in an E3 Interview

    E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts So it seems Nomura has been keeping up with Disney's expansion. Sound like he has some worlds in mind. My money is on anything from Studio Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki always struck me as being a japanese Walt Disney.
  3. Ban Mido

    News ► KH 1.5 Live on Square Enix Presents!

    God that trailer made me drool. Everything is looking just so much better.
  4. Ban Mido

    Is it worth it?

    I haven't played the Japanese Version of the game, but If you've played final mix, that's essentially what you are getting with Remix, only with updated graphics and controls.
  5. Ban Mido

    KH3 Release date speculation

    So now that KH3 has been announced, when does everyone think it'll be released? I personally am hoping for mid 2014, but its more likely late 2014 to mid 2015 in all honesty. Thoughts? Hopes? Fears?
  6. Ban Mido

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    I'm pumped for Birth By Sleep because they've kept us waiting for this game for years, and every bit of information they release just makes me want it more. The gameplay looks fun, the graphics are amazing, and the story will be fantastic, being able to findout the truth about Xehanort. And...
  7. Ban Mido

    Hints of Uncharted 3(Possible logo+ rumors)

    So basically I found link number one, an article that says that the logo for Uncharted 3 was posted on a uncharted 2 facebook page. I couldn't find the logo on an uncharted 2 page there, I did find a page for Uncharted 3.(Link number 3) Also, Link 2 speaks of Gamezine bloggers who noticed...
  8. Ban Mido

    Last Window: The Secret of Cape West(European Pre-orders now available!)

    or everybody who was praying for The Hotel Dusk Sequel, Your prayers have been answered. Last Window: Midnight Promise has been renamed Last Window: The Secret of Cape West for European release and eventually American release. Can you solve the mystery in time? - Nintendo - News I've been...
  9. Ban Mido

    TV ► Green Lantern: The Animated Series

    'Green Lantern: The Animated Series' Announced - CraveOnline.com Green Lantern and DC heroes slides from Warners presentation (pics) Green light for Green Lantern animated series I might just be coming off the high from Blackest Night, but I'm seriously hyped up about this. Cartoon Network...
  10. Ban Mido

    What's the one game you'll never let go?

    And by that I mean do you have a game(or games) that you just had fallen so head over heels in love with, you'll never get rid of your copy? That you'll likely keep a counsole on hand that is compatible with the game just so you can play it. For me, It's Skies of Arcadia, without a doubt.
  11. Ban Mido

    Nintendo announces next DS successor, the 3DS.

    Yes, it is a tentative title, but your first thought was correct. They plan on making a DS for Playing 3D games, capable of doing so without the use of 3D glasses, apparently. Sources: iSlate | Nintendo 3DS announced Nintendo 3DS Announced, Will Be Revealed At E3 // Siliconera My mind is...
  12. Ban Mido

    White House state dinner party met with Gate Crashers.

    State dinner intruders embarrass unflappable Secret Service - The Globe and Mail They're prepared for terrorists, hitmen, and the occasional never-do-wells, but when it comes to a pair of wannabe reality tv stars, the secret service drops the soap. Husband and wife duo manage to sneak their...
  13. Ban Mido

    Lucky S.O.B. escapes from runaway bus

    TfAC6xSEV2E Man, if I had that guy's luck, I'd be spending all of my time in Vegas, shooting craps and hitting the slots! Holy shit. Commuter's mad dash to escape runaway bus | World News | News.com.au
  14. Ban Mido

    Significance of the title

    Uh, no, sorry. The virtual Twilight Town wasn't in Sora. Diz created it to both hide Roxas from the Organization and keep him occupied While Namine finished her work. Plus, Sora actually passes through the virtual Twilight Town on his way to The World That Never Was. Anyways, I'm gonna go...
  15. Ban Mido

    The Jeff Dunham Show!

    The Jeff Dunham Show comes to Comedy Central in October - TV Squad Why isn't people already talking about this! Jeff Dunham is getting his own show! I finally found out about it on the roast for Joan Rivers. In case you've been living under a comedy impared rock, this is Jeff Dunham...
  16. Ban Mido

    What do you collect?

    What sort of items do you collect? Stamps? Comics? What have you? Talk about it here, and you could find a lead on whats missing. Lately, I've taken to coke glasses. I've got three of those from Mcdonald's and one from Danmark overseas, which is pretty cool.
  17. Ban Mido

    The First Heartless?

    The birth of a heartless can be considered what happens to a person when the power of darkness is imposed upon them, and they succumb to it. Maleficent, Who was always knowlidgeable in dark magic, could easily impose darkness on mass amounts of people. She might be able to encourage it this...
  18. Ban Mido

    Vacation Discussion.

    A thread for talking about you holiday vacations, or just about trips in general. You can share about a recent vacation or get ideas about what to do on an upcoming trip. Also a place to show off vacation photos or videos. Post em if you wanna. Here's mine: Matthew Morrissey's Photos -...
  19. Ban Mido

    Guess who's back, mo-fos. (Europe trip pics now posted)

    Back from Europe, y'all. I know ya missed me. I'll be posting pics on Facebook scotly.
  20. Ban Mido

    Going to Europe

    Yeah, for everybody who noticed, I haven't been on lately. Well, I've been busy earning up some walking around money for a trip to Europe. I leave on the 8th, and I'll be gone for about two weeks or so. Probably won't get the chance to sign in, so I just thought you all deserved the 411.