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    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    I was searching for songs from the movie, and stumbled across info on a game for the movie, non-KH, does anyone know anything else about this?
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    Them Bones, them bones, them dead bones

    If Jack is dead, can he still die. Or is he not dead? It's confusing, because the way the game's set up it does seem that he could die, yet he could. Ow, brain freeze.
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    Weapon Shopping

    Where would he put this thread then?
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    The Special Movies.

    Is it ASAS for the original American version, or is it Deep Dive. Also which is easier to see, erm understand, oh and which is the longest, I love the videos on this game. Oh wait, almost forgot, I have to do everything right, Dalmations, Trinitys, keyblades, colleseum battles, and beat Ansem...
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    Just bought, and the trouble's already started

    Thanks, I'll do my best, but my parents took the game away. I explained a perfectly logical reason why I should still have it, dad agreed, stepmom didn't. I cried unfair, she said "The world's not fair." But I get it back today, I'll use your strategys, thank-you.
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    A sleight Mystery

    Ooooh neat, does it work with fire or thunder?
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    Just bought, and the trouble's already started

    I bought COM yesterday and can already see it's a great game, but it's going to be one the most difficult for me to play. I can't quite do sleights quite right, I always forget about my stocked cards, and I also don't know how to do just two stocked cards, you know like making Blizzara. And...
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    Summer Gameplay

    Yeah it has become such, I had intended to be saying "How much time will you spend on KH this summer", but it came out to include all games, don't be angry with me mods, please. :o
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    Summer Gameplay

    I just want to know how many of you will go out and enjoy the nice refreshing sunshine...*takes a deep breathe of fresh air, then turns around, runs in house and turns on Ps2* And how many of you will be glued to your screens.
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    Cure Me!

    I just came to thank all of you personally, I don't know if I'll be able to watch it 100 times, I'd probably get so teary I'd have to go to the hospital because of dehydration *exageration*, but yeah thanks.
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    Not figuring out that Gravity would make the chests in Hollow Bastion lower until I read this.
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    Cure Me!

    I annalyzed S&C and now ever time I even think about it or the end I begin to get teary, is there anyway for me to stop crying over KH?
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    Saddest part of KH

    It wasn't as sad as the aforementioned parts but what about Destiny Islands being sucked into darkness? He(Sora) doesn't hardly show it but I'd be mortified if my home, family, and friends had just been obliterated by evil, he didn't even know that Kairi and Riku actually survived so it's...
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    Is Jack back?

    I saw a pic with Jack in a Santa Claus outfit, and it looked like it was from a game... Does anyone know if this is from KH2?
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    What part of KH did you enjoy playing the most?

    Walking around Hollow Bastion... The place is simply Magical and the designers really worked hard on it. I'd love to live there.
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    It's Elementary

    Just because one is evil gives no one the right to kill that person. Look at The Lord of the Rings, Gollem was evil, but if they'd killed him early on, then Middle Earth would have fallen into shadow... no matter how small Frodo may be. Larxene's the same way, she probably had some part to...
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    Favorite Organization Member

    You go girl! Larxene all the way! When I first saw her in Nin. Pow. She was in front of every other person as if saying. "You all my bitches! So stay back, I'm the best there is." I also adore Axel because he just looked sooo hot! That and he uses Wind and Flames, they're cool too.
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    Funniest line in Kh

    My fav part is when Donald's at the door to the throne room, he knocks, and this little tiny door opens at the base. lol
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    How signifigant is CoM to Kingdom Hearts 2???

    We probably do need COM, I mean it starts off EXACTLY where KH left off, if that's not saying "Heh! Over here, you need to see me to know what's going on!" -Just a thought.
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    100 acre woods keyhole!?

    Winnie-the-Pooh is soooooo cute! And the games can relax you if you're tired of the rest of the game.