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    okay im not sure if this thread has already been made but since the image with the knights mask shattered looks like sora which one is it the small on or the big http://youtube.com/watch?v=DOrVe0e6Y8E
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    kh2 secrect video rumors from japan(possible spoilers)

    i think they are talking about roxas because birth by sleep(roxas i think was born when sora fell asleep) and the lost two and the person in the background looks like roxas
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    kh2 com. on disney

    i just saw kh2 get mentioned on disney 411
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    the part where sora sings is in my sig (edit)mine is in english
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    I didn't know Tron really was Disney

    yits disney and bueno vista
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    about gamestop(plz veiw)

    the gamestop web site says they are going to sell the strategy guide the 24 http://www.gamestop.com
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    a question

    heres the link its in my sig look at all the pages
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    wasnt the.....

    they said u get the strategy the 23 and the game the 30
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    wasnt the.....

    i mean i havent gotten emailed or called
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    wasnt the.....

    wasnt gamestop suppose to get the strategy guide today:confused: :confused:
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    OK i have been looking for this answer long enough now !!!

    Its probably riku because diz told him to get roxas for him and when he failed he took used darkside to defeat roxas and he took of his blindfold and since ansem was still inside him his appearance changed and thats why he wheres the hood all the time
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    i thought riku beat roxas http://youtube.com/watch?v=1JUejXWlybo spoilers
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    what is The Organization

    basicly wat death saber said but they are also enemies of riku. play reverse rebirth
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    when u die(spoilers)

    when u die in kingdom hearts 2 sometimes u get to use mickey
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    Riku's story question*MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS*

    we could keep guessing for hours but it might have been kairi because it opens behind her when shes almost like a ghost
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    sorry if this is old(possible spoilers)

    in deep dive it says all of those number things http://youtube.com/watch?v=JR4c8MmXt5c&search=simple%20and%20clean-japanese i think they are organization members and riku says he looks just like u reffering to sora and roxas sry if this is old