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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer ughh! weve waited so long for something! and finally, here it is and it looks amazing! im seriously so excited to play in the sleeping beauty world! AND to play as three other people! UGHHH I CANT EVEN WAIT! i still have to buy a psp, but w.e. i bought a ps2 for kh1 and a ps3...
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    ok stuckdamundo. please help?!??!?!

    how do i get the paradox battles: pain & panic/hades. i beat cerberus nd titan but i cant the p&p and hades dont show up when he askes u which tornament to play. it blows! help me!!!
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    quick question

    how do you get the points needed for jiminys journal for the paradox cups in the underworld if u cant use summons?
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    please help (if u have a heart!)

    so how the heck are u supposed to beat the titan cup with 5000 points for jiminys journal. i mean im trying to complete this darn book to get the secret ending but their making it way too difficult! lol any cheats/strategies/secrets?
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    What was that machine at the end of kingdom hearts??

    sorry for the double post
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    What was that machine at the end of kingdom hearts??

    yeah the machine was the machine that ansem used to create artificial heartless. aka the heartless u fight throughout the game *SPOILER* but, if u know a litttle about kh2, its actually the machine the 13th order used to create the heartless, while ansem just created...
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    Is there enough time for CoM?

    u can do it. but go out and buy it now. believe me ur kh2 experience will be sooo much better if u play com.
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    KH2 Day and other random nonsense

    My moms letting me stay home kh2 to play it all day cause i have all As and Bs. u guys should ak ur parents if u can do the same thing. its gonna be quite the aweome experience. haha. but yeah also i went to ebgames and they have the promotional video game box for KH2 im sure they all have them...
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    Are you going to be one of those people?

    yeah and im staying home from school the next day. i already convinced the parents. ; )
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    i heard there re only 4 summons too. i think there should at least be like two more. they have to have more of a selection! lol come on!
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    blindfolded unknown???

    what happened to the blind folded unknown?? did we find out if it was Riku yet or are we gonna have to wait till the game comes out?
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    AP Courses???? Please respond!

    I am going to be a junior next year and i want to take 3 AP's. I am definately taking AP English Language and AP Environment (i heard that was the easiest AP). So i wanted to know from fellow kingdom herts fans. Should i take AP Psychology or AP Art History Which is easier???? And do u have...
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    Is Sanctuary coming out on the 22nd of Feb?

    haha love the sig. HI-Larious!
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    kingdom hearts 2 real time

    they were originally going to use it but it didnt end up fitting the plot.
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    Joonny Depp Jap article

    i heard he wasnt gonna be in it. o i hope he is. it would make it seem so muh more realistic!!! lol and i hope elizbeths real voice and orland bloom are in it too!! lol
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    things you should do

    wait whats YRP/ Yuripa??? and people, were down to 44 days! we can do this! lol
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    Have you gotten....

    omg i thought i was alone i havent played a game in sooo long. and thats usually what i do at home. lol
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    More *NEW* images of EGM

    hehe i bought the mag today. its famazing!!!
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    KH2 Cutscenes

    yeah i heard from a review on KH2 that u can skip cutscenes. i like them though. lol ; )
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    kh2 inside interview on disney

    they did too do one for COM i saw it like a bazillion times