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    Wait a minute! When did Xehanort choke Aqua??! Also I would just be happy if it got a T rating because you know, this game is supposed to be dark
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    Sentiments theory (spoilers)

    That's right we didnt see it do anything but if you go by what Xigbar said in KH2FM we believe it may have been communicating to Xehanort in that one room...whose name i've forgotten.sorabasically
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    Zack's story

    Hey guys I just want to knwo if anyone can tell me Zack's story in BBS? And also would the black feather with him in the credits mean that we may see Genisis? Thanks! CloudStrifeSmile
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    Who is Epcar gonna be VA for?

    I'd like Epcar to voice MX or Terranort but not just Terra.His voice seems a bit off for him.
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    Of Terranort please? Thanks! shamisen
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    Okay then....

    okay thanks thats all i wanted to know someone close please?
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    Okay then....

    Since Terra is confirmed to be Xehanort then why cant Xemnas use the keyblade?
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    Yeah i'm also willing to audition for Aqua also.What do we have to do?
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    Sunset Horizons ??

    I'm pretty sure that it will be in BBS since in a scan we saw TAV fighting MX and Vanitas there
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    Do you want Marluxia's complete being in BbS?

    Or to be exact I believe his intrest started when he was training Roxas and he saw all the power of the keyblade.
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    BbS.Hikari/Simple and Clean

    As long as it isnt some person off of Disney i'm good
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Do we have to have it in PSP box look? Like with the PSP logo on it and everything?
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    A little theory: Aqua vs. Terra

    Where does it state that? I dont remember hearing that.:dizzy:
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    A little theory: Aqua vs. Terra

    Maybe to protect her as a PoH? Dont know why they erased her memories though...
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    Who will you use first/effect.

    Ven first ( cuz i think he's cute) Aqua next(because it has been said if you play as Aqua you know what Terra is up to) Terra last(becuase then i will already have some knowledge of what the fudge he is doing) And if there is a fourth scenario......-__- just dont say that they'll do that pleas....
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    I am very dissapointed. MY KH2 WONT FRIKKIN SAVE ON MY MEMORY-CARD But besides that the one thing i liked was the hydra fight.that was fun. Kairi's lines sucked.
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    A new mode

    In a future kingdom hearts game we should have a new mode,much like theater mode but different. Like a chapter mode where once you've finished the game it auto-savea and you can go back and fight cetain battles ovr again without having to restart the game and go through all the unneccasary...
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    Did anyone notice this???

    :confused:That Xion's theme had pieces of Kairi's theme in it????
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    Unversed in dark realm??

    I remember reading somewhere that when ATW was banished to the dark realm he survived on negative emotions to escape niothingness. Does that mean he made unversed in the realm? Just wondering....:confused:
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Okay so I just got KH2 and im trying to save the game,but when i save it says insufficent storage space on memory card and i need 90 KB to save. I cleared the memory card,replayed to the part where you first save and the same thing happened. Help?