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    Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    It's a reference to Roxas.
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    Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    Considering I listened to the English version of S&C a month before KH1?
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    3 Keyblades in Deep Dive

    Try photobucket. www.photobucket.com
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    Other Keyblades?

    Well, they probably want him to stick with the Kingdom Key in all of the trailers and previews because it is a signature of the series.
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    3 Keyblades in Deep Dive

    This is old. What I think is that BHK might be able to reproduce keyblades, although they have to start off in the Kingdom Key form. And since Riku was able to use Sora's blade without it reappearing in Sora's hands, he is able to keep it.
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    What would the reason be

    Remember. DiZ wants Riku for some reason. Let's relate this to Naruto, shall we? DiZ wants Riku in the same way that Orochimaru wants Sasuke. Of course, both have to be manipulative with their subject, so that Riku can be easily swayed. If need be, Riku might be forced to kill Sora by DiZ.
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    kingdom hearts 2 allready for reserve

    Same here. Only my best friend and I bought it.
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    kh cd too expensive

    Whatever price you can find it at, it is worth it. I find myself listening to it over and over.
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    game stores showing som htings about kh 2

    It's been almost 3 years, and they're still holding back info? They're almost being as secretive as Bungie or Valve.
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    kingdom hearts 2 allready for reserve

    I have it reserved and fully paid for. Hooray for me!
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    Some Things Everyone should Be Clear On!

    Do you think we'll see the other three members in KH2? Or will it have to wait for KH3?
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    Y is...

    He duel wields two of the best keyblades(so far), and the fact that he looks like Sora brings up many things that were mentioned in COM. And the fact that he's playable sweetens the deal ever more so.
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    from what seen so far wfhat's your fav KH2 world?

    One thing that bothers me is that will Axel become a party member at all? I mean, in COM, he said that he's undercover and he actually tries to help Sora. Deep Dive, Mulan, and POTC will be interesting.
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    Kingdom hearts logic too hard for children?

    Yeah, most kids can't strategize unless they are playing Pokemon or Yugioh. Which is sad, really.
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    Jump Festa/summoning

    OK, Auron's in your party in the underworld and you possibly have to rescue Herc, since Meg is with Pegasus and she meets up with you.
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    How do you get Reverse blade...if there is one?1

    He/she means Mickey's keyblade that was rumored to be found if you beat it 100% and examined the mural in the sewers in Traverse town.
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    gimmik move?(heard form E3 on G4tv)

    It's sorta like a reaction move or something. I really don't know, but I did watch that G4tv.com
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    Check this out!!!!!!!

    Well, that would be cool if you could level up your drive forms, like on Jade Empire where you can level up attack strength and duration.
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    E3 '05 trailer

    We can finally see the LOTR calibur fight at Hollow Bastion in action:D