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    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Hello everyone, I do plan on casting a full playthrough of the game on my Twitch.tv Channel, as well as over at the Destructoid Channel starting next Tuesday. I host a show called Journey to the East where I only play import games so I'll have a full week of KH3D content. Here's a sample of my...
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    Dream Drop Distance Secret Bosses

    I'd agree with that. Maybe just have bosses such as a 3v3 fight against Aqua, Ventus and Terra.
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    Dream Drop Distance Secret Bosses

    I know this is completely throwing it out there, but what about Noctis from FF Versus XIII? I mean Nomura could grab some headlines with that :P, and he certainly could do it. Maybe he could summon multiple keyblades instead of random weapons also!
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    New to KHi!

    Hello everyone! I've read around the forums quite a bit but only recently decided to finally sign up. Hmm... a little bit about myself. My name is Johnny, I'm currently attending a community college to earn my Bachelors in Accounting and I cast video games as a part-time hobby! I look forward...