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    Kari forgot about Sora

    I believe that the entire "Kairi forgeting about Sora" plot is facinating. I mean when I think about what will happen when Sora and Kairi meet up again and Kairi has forgotten all about Sora I makes me wonder if Sora wil take it very well. It may be a link or a factor to that quote about Sora...
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    2 discs???

    The two disc part has been hinted, but the whole Sora on one disc and the BHK on the other seems a bit far fetched. Sora is the main hero, why would they devote a whole disc to the BHK? You may be able toplay as him at some point in the game, but not a whole disc.
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    Riku shows up

    You might be on to something. If it truely is Riku, he might be trying to test Sora's strength to see if he got stronger. That would be a logical reason why they're fighting.
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    Riku in KH-2

    You bring up a good point. That fact is we don't know any details about Riku in KH2 because no info has been released about him. The last time we saw him was in COM. We don't know if he looks different because he's aged, or if he acts differently. We can only assume that he still acts like the...
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    Leveling up

    That's a very good question. The logical answer would be that Sora would be stronger than when he was in KH, but I guess we'll find out when it is released.
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    The true meaning of "Kingdom Hearts"

    Interesting theory......very interesting, indeed.
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    kingdom hearts 2 allready for reserve

    I reserved it two days ago...Now, all I need to do is just sit back and wait till November rolls around....I wish I had a time machine.
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    Is Twilight Town really on the other side of Sora's hea

    You know, that actually makes some sense. Yeah, I could agree with that.
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    Yuna would be a good choice to add to KH2, but she wouldn't have to be with Tidus and Wakka on Destiny Island. I mean Selphie wasn't in the same world as Squall, was she? I would also like to see Vincent, Seifer, Seymour, or Locke from FF6
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    Thoery ON THE Beast And Why He Is Back

    Hmm...this theory is good. Very good. That actually might be why Beast attacks Sora. I aplaud you reasoning skills, cursed keyblade.
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    BHK-The New Hero?

    I doubt the BHK has replaced Sora as the main hero. Nomura has put too much empahsis on Sora's new appearance and development to say "Oh, yeah. Sora's not the main character in KH2." I'm not saying that you won't be able to play as the BHK during the game, but he won't be the main hero.
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    Riku's Transformation

    Yeah, basicly Riku's saying in that whole "to dawn" phrase that he's going to be the opposite of Ansem, using the powers of Darkness for good instead of evil.
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    Light, Dark or Twilight?

    Twilight....caught in between the light and the dark
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    blue drive....

    Hm...I think in that form Sora might use more Magic/Physical Attacks, like moves from Chrono Trigger. Then again, it could just open up a new set of magic attacks that aren't availible when you're just Sora. We'll find out eventually.
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    So friggin awesome!!!

    That would definitly be awesome if the BHK fought excatly how the DWU fought in the deep dive trailer. I bet it would be like the qued moves in the Cerberus fight with Sora and Auron.
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    Hollow Bastion THEORY

    Hm...Interesting theory....I guess it would make sense in that respect. You could also say that the actual literal meaning of "Hollow Bastion" is a just a shell with nothing inside.
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    Demix Weapon upgrade of Vexen's?

    Although similar, Vexen's weapon was a shield, while Demix's weapon looks like a guitar. Also, the color looks more purplish than Vexen's.
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    I can't wait

    I think a lot of us are saying the same thing my friend.