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    Red Dusk

    This is a story i've justed started writing. It's about the travels of a man stuck between three realms that are all created and shaped based on emotion. Chapter1: Dusk A beach. A shore with black sand. And water, that looked as if the darkness that lay in the bottom of the sea had risen to...
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    The Distance Between

    Please read my poem: The Distance Between I fear the lost art The sculptor of the dark heart Who tells me to play my part? One hundred miles apart I fear the dark art Of the sculptor of the lost heart Who tells me how to make the ark, When we’re one hundred miles apart I wish I knew The...
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    Breathe(a song by Kex)

    btw you can call me bladechaser or Kex anyways this is a song i jus finished called "Breathe", any comments or suggestions would be nice (italics indicate special effect- in this case it almost sounds like, someone on the phone and “[[[[ ]]]” means echoe) Breathe You know me I get lost In...
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    Hi, i'm new

    hey, i'm new; you can call me Kex, if u want. i like to make music, and i even rap(my friend makes me). And i promise i won't make any bad theories(for now), btw i haven't been able to rlly use KHI before due to sum unforeseen circumstance, but anyways hi
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    How come the apprentices didn't have strong heartless?

    i guess so and they probably didn't want to give it away so easily... maybe