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    Anyone wanna play bbs online?

    Ive had bbs for a while now, but havent gotten the chance to try online and it looks like fun. anyone wanna play?
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    secret ending shadow is a girl

    zexion tht make no sense. they dont never mention soras moms in the games except for the first when she call him to dinner so wat u said cant be right
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    secret ending shadow is a girl

    ok but u trying to tell me tht if a sandstorm was blowing and sum1 was walking through hed be walking like a girl?
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    secret ending shadow is a girl

    yeah i thought of tht but like i said before look at the way the shadow walks. to me its a girls walk and i dont think any guy would ever walk like a girl. do u?
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    secret ending shadow is a girl

    ive seen tht secret ending quite a bit of times and i think its a girl. y? because of the way she walks and it seems to me like the shadow has hair flowing out behind it. wat do ya think?