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    Riku on final mix cover

    then whos vag did kairi come out of?
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    mine was when i first started playing the game, it was when you had to find pooh in the cave i couldnt find him at first but the FUNKING ICE KEPT MAKING MEH FALL AND NOT TO MENTION THEYRE ALL AFRAID OF BUMBLE BEES?!?!?!?!WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    -_-This is just a theory. Ok so i was thinking that what if master xehanorts reincarnation was the KH2 xehanort and that he fell into darkness to make xemnas while master xehanort wasnt given in to the darkness so then he was given a keyblade and used it FOR the darkness.Thats why he would be...
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    Hidden Images

    :angry:wow...just wow if you have taken so many medical classes then you would have noticed that there is a bone shaped like a that but im not gonna tell you cause of that annoyence you put us through youll just have to figure it out tell me when you do:angry:
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    What's more important?

    Kingdom Hearts:BBS Kingdom Hearts:358/2 days (I tryed making this a poll but I cant figure out how to do it cause im a noob,to the forums not the game,so if you know how that'ed be great just put all the info above and of course the title thanks)
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    Sora's parents?

    :unsure:So if they were engulfed by the darkness wouldn't they have nobodies.
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    Hidden Images

    I dont even think he's telling the truth I mean other than kairi's butt being visible in KH2 theres not that much else to see but the thing with the cover wasnt much of a secret.
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    I just realized something

    I cant remember which interview it was but nomura said that birth by sleep will help you understand every thing about the kingdom hearts series but would that mean that they wouldnt make an actual kingdom hearts 3 because would they have to make completly different characters with a completly...
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    Has anyone noticed?

    not to be racist or anything but there is not a sigle black HUMAN in this game which is kind of strange i guess:closedeyes:
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    A new symbol?

    well when i first saw it i thought it was like the nobody and heartless symbol combined:closedeyes: POOP!
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    A new symbol?

    i was looking in the BBS page when i looked at a pic and terra and ven have the same symbol on them heres the pic http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa113/gloopin/screen2007-1-1.jpg
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    organization XIII-theory on names

    1.xemnas/xehanort 2.xigbar/blaig 3.xaldin/dilin 4.vexen/even 5.lexaeus/eleus 6.zexion/ienzo 7.sai'x/(my fav)slaid 8.axel/alen 9.demyx/(?)damyen 10.luxord/lorence 11.marluxia/marlin 12.larxene/lauren 13.roxas/sora :closedeyes:just remember that its a theory:sleep:
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    Mystery Character ..

    :cursing: noob. it cant be riku because BBS is 10 years in the past from kingdom hearts 1:angry:
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    Mystery Character ..

    heres what was noticed in the picture http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa113/gloopin/73cef7b2d014c0-90ca194919bc3934ca05.jpg
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    Mystery Character ..

    well when i looked at it i thought rught away that it was the DS without his helmet on and looking at the expression on vens face it looks like he cant decide on something... my theory is that ven is talking with the DS about joining the dark when ven is twilight (in the middle) and cannot...