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    Kh2 reality show.

    Well considering I'm one of the Pixel Pagoda Forum Members I probably read it alot more than most of you guys do. Also if there are any other PIxel Pagodians around here PM me!
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    King Mickeys Gathering

    k theory mayb when bhk threw riku the keyblade in dd/asas mayb he bcame a keyblade wielder
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    Your name for BHK;)

    sum dude sed xanto(it means blonde hair) n its got a x ne ways
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    english demo coming soon!?

    yea i just got bak n im goin in august to
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    New Scan Anylisis

    the unknown 1s r prob from camelot (sword in the stone)
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    KH2 Mystery worl......

    auron is dead n the underworld is where ded ppl go simple enough?
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    Anybody concerned about the voice actors?

    does any1 really tthink theyll get johnny depp 4 capn jack sparrow
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    omg check this out

    well but not evry org member has an x in dere name imean looks at riku n the king but then again they just joined
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    What we know for SURE...

    PotC world is black seas i think
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    Does Diz even have a weapon?

    dude zexion nevr had a weapon