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    I don't think there is a thread about this show yet. So does anyone else like this show? I love this show! Tony is so funny and Abby rocks my sox! Plus Gibbs is flippin awesome!
  2. J

    .hack//roots on CN!!!

    I know there is a thread for all the .hack talk but I just have to let other .hack fans know this. On Nov 11th Cartoonnetwork showed the first episode of .hack//roots!!!! Now I know a lot of you will say that you like the Jap version better but I just have to watch an english episode so yeah...
  3. J

    Favorite Color?

    Simple enough. What's your fav color or colors. Mine are Black, Blue, and Red. There are others but I can't remember them right now. I'm a little sick and can't really think straight right now.
  4. J

    Official Within Temptation Thread

    I recently heard a song from this group and I really liked it. The song is called Memories. I guess the group is an "English goth rock group" so yeah. I've listened to like 5 or 6 of their songs and I like all of them. When I saw a picture of the group they reminded me of Evanescence. What...
  5. J

    Help/Support ► Suicide

    Don't kill yourself. Your story shouldn't end with just 16 chapters.
  6. J

    Official Fort Minor Thread

    Okay this is very similar if not exactly like the Linkin Park thread I made. I just recently found out about this group when my cousin heard their song "Remember the Name". She told me that the song was awesome so I listened to it and I fell in love with it. I don't know much about them just...
  7. J

    Official Linkin Park Thread

    Okay here is a thread where you talk about nothing but Linkin Park. Linkin Park is one of my fav rock bands. My current fav song by them is Faint. I really liked the Faint remix as well. Please try not to dis Linkin Park. If you have nothing nice to say about them then don't say anything at...
  8. J

    Hottest guys in KH2

    Roxas for the win!!!!!! :D
  9. J

    Xiaolin Showdown

    After getting all these complaints about this show not being anime, I finally started the same thread here. So post away!!! I love Jack Spicer!!!
  10. J

    Organization XIII member's names

    This post has probably been made before. If so, feel free to move this one. I was just wondering why in every Organization member's name there is an "X". I didn't know if the "X" stood for something or was significant.
  11. J

    Xiaolin Showdown

    I don't think anyone has started a post like this. I have recently started watching this show and I really like it. I think it's funny and fun to watch. Has anyone else watched the show.
  12. J

    Who was the coolest enemy in CoM?

    My favorite was Axel!!! :D
  13. J

    What's your favorite flower?

    I hope no one has started a thread like this. Just wanted to know what your favorite flower is. Mine is roses.
  14. J

    Chris Brown vs. Bow Wow

    Which do you think is better? I think Chris Brown is way better. I think he is a better singer and more hotter.
  15. J

    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    If this thread has already been made please don't hurt me, cause I didn't know. The title says it all. My favorites are Final Fantasy X and X-2.
  16. J

    Which Pokemon would you want to be?

    I'm pretty sure no one has started a thread like this. Well the title says it all. So post away!!! :D
  17. J


    I don't think no one has started a thread like this, so i'll start one. In this thread you can talk about things like your favorite beyblade or your favorite character from the show. I watch the show a lot.
  18. J

    Dr Pepper vs. Mr Pibb

    Which do you like better? I think they taste similar, but I like Dr Pepper way better.
  19. J

    The Turks vs. Organization XIII

    Who would win in a fight, the Turks (Reno, Rude and the others) or Organization XIII? I think the Organization would win because the Turks would be out numbered. What do you think? :D
  20. J

    Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children Fanclub

    I hope no one has started this fanclub. This is a fanclub dedicated the FF7:AC and all the characters in it. You know the movie is awesome and so is the game, so come and join. No haters please!!!