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    cool idea that should have happened!!

    you know how every heartless slain by the keyblade is unlocked-- well after the first time you battle xenmas and you go back and do all the extra stuff, there would be a meter counting all of the heartless killed. the more the heartless the stronger xemnas becomes. if you under stand what i'm...
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    x factor

    sorry i'm dumb but what significance do the x's in the organizations name have?:confused:
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    Question about the hollow bastion pic

    i 'm sure this has been asked before- but when do you see the scene when s,d,g are at hollw bastion and the org. is standing at the castle. I' m about 3 hrs. from beating the game so i'm not sure if ti will be there. if you have any info. please kindly reply.(as in don't roast me!!!:eek: )
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    What is your plan for KH Day 2006? :D

    My mom said that she would pick it up for me but i was like - I VE WAITED 4 YEARS FOR THIS FREAKIN GAME THERE IS NO WAY YOU RE TAKING MY THUNDER!!!!!! and then i ll go home and play it until my vision is blurry.:D
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    question about axel

    Did you really think axel's story was enough to cry about. didn't think it wa sa big deal myself.
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    the Order's weapons

    Marluxia easily takes second place for me! xALDIN STILL #1
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    the Order's weapons

    :D Sorry if this a stupid thread but - which org. member has the awesomest weapon so far? sorry but I didn'nt know how to make a poll so just give me your thoughts.and thus far Xaldin has the coolest weapon(s)!:D
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    who is yensid?

    Do you think it's possible that yensid is the "voice"(i mean the narrarator ofcourse) i mean if he's mickey's master then wouldn't make sense that he could be training sora?:confused:
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    Lilo and Stitch world?

    not to sound like an idiot but when the trailer showed Stitch, it wasn't in gameplay form, meaning that maybe he's not a summon but a real cast character. so maybe you meet up with him in space while you're in the gummi ship and he crash lands at hb. helps you defeat heartless and nobodies and...
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    Stitch, Yuna, Rikku, and Tron battle pic

    what's even cooler and probaly be in the game is -- sora will meet up with yuna and ask her where riku is and she'll take him to rikku!! it will be hilarious!!
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    tgs 05 trailer

    go to the khu site to see the tgso5 trailer it's really cool!!!
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    Better scan of lion Sora fighting

    not to sound like a noob but i envisioned this happening. i'm sure thousands of other people did to but the whole" keyblade in the mouth, sora being a lion cub- i made a thread about this. What i'm getting at is that isn't the world really a small place when so many others can think of something...
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    What do you guys think of this?

    sorry I might be wrong but khu did confirm that you can use drive- it's on the website.
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    What do you guys think of this?

    If you notice in the lion king world sora is dark colored. so just to waste mine and your time- Do you think sora having a darker color has any relation to do with his clothes being black. And if it does do you think when in drive your fur also changes colors like red or blue a.k.a. valor and...
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    something odd about this

    i know sephy is said not to be in kh2 and do not flame if this is old - but if you go on to imdb.com and type kingdom hearts under the search box, you come to a page where you can click kh2. if you do this then another page will show up. scroll down and you can see a list of voice actors and...
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    FF to KH places

    i would like to play blitzball from ff10. but if i had to choose it would be midgar
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    Where will we go?

    I might sound overdramatic but wher will we go after kh2 comes out ? I'm sure that people will have questions about the game and we will have a topic for those questions but, many will disband from the site and continue on in the gaming world. i personally have become attached to this site...
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    FF Cameos in KH2

    maybe everybody forgot but Semour from ffx was a serious bad-a$$ and to see him as a child and fight against him in olympus would be awesome.
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    geu/sitting unknown

    ok, i've read a couple of theories about the geu but i already made a theory about him so here's my other one. the geu might be ansem or ansem's shell because ansem lost his heart- maybe the sitting un known is riku or some other part of him. remember inreverse/rebirth when zexion said that riku...
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    geu question

    I am truly sorry if this thread has been posted before but - could't the geu be ansem.? in deep dive, when he supposodly walks through the rock - you can see a heartless symbol on the unknown chest and his eyes are glowing yellow. i don't know if you' ve noticed or not but ansem has the same...