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    vanitas riku

    I think there is a great possibility that they are connected rather than they have the same face
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    Roxas vs. Sora

    mines roxas its simple his cooler than sora and i like his hair than sora yeah he had a sad story rather than sora always happy
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    Reason why Atlantica isn't in BBS

    It was optional because it wasn't mostly affected coz king triton was powerful to be controled
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    Did you see it?

    yeah he was alive but damn that fall was excruciating
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    The answer to Aqua,Terra,Ven (I think)

    then namine should look like aqua?
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    How come Riku never turned into a heartless?

    true he should've been a heartless but he had a strong heart thus the darkness will have a had time to enter to his heart Im shocked y he can still control himself by acquiring the power of darkness man
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    man i think you haven't seen the new trailer he even laughs like a girl and y would he be an apprentice?
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    Sora, the best?

    sora has a possibility he is stronger for he has potential and i think its one of the things needed to become a true keyblade master
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    Sora, the best?

    sora's power are like ven but he's a lucky kid and i think cloud said it too
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    Vanitus Heartless Ansem connection?! idk

    Why would terra be xehanort from what Ive known he even hates master xehanort why he would name hiself the persin he hates
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    What is Ven pointing at?

    I'm new here but all I can I say that maybe he wasn't pointing at all I think He was talking with the guy near him and that arm was part of their conversation weird huh?
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    Who is Vanitas?

    I think He's face would be more on Riku, Y? Because the way he battle, talks and acts to people/