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    Found it ! English KH2 Intro !

    For all the people out there who dont have the chance like our American friends to see the English Intro , with the full playtime of "passion" in it , here it is for you :) (may be spoiler for those who dont want to see the intro ! )...
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    favorite heartless or kh2 villian

    Xaldin ! Best of all :)
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    Four Worlds/ Four Existences/ Four Keyblade Masters

    @ NEO_Shell : yes , exactly what i tried to say '^^ well then , there is still one thing that i cant really figure out... during the whole time , sora was meant to bring rikku the keyblade he received on destiny island... rikku was the true keyblade master , he was the master of the keyblade of...
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    Four Worlds/ Four Existences/ Four Keyblade Masters

    i dont know... something in my mind tells me that these theories dont fit everything... but i still think that soras and mickeys keyblades are connected in some way , as you can see from their original look... ( gold and sylver). most likely could this contrasts in the colour of the 2 blades...
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    If you had to choose 2 keyblades to control , which would it be?

    If I had to chose 2 keyblades , the first one would most likely be the one you get after the Hercules Tournament ( in KH1) after beating Hercules himself ( the name of the keyblade was"Heros" i think , but it looked awesome ^^') , and the one you get after completing the World of Agrabah ( think...
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    Your Favorite Order Member

    thanks a lot , i m just waiting so much on kingdom hearts 2 , it is almost unnatural ;) hope to find some people here who do the same!^^
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    Your Favorite Order Member

    Regarding all , i would probably say Xaldin ... his 6 controlled spears look awesome ( especially when he summons them ) , i like his Combat Style a lot ... Then , very close to that is Axel , i like his weapons too , his element is fire ( destruction... whaaaa xD) As 3 would come Saix... i...