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  1. K

    Re: Chain of Memories. Does This Bug Anyone Else?

    Re: Chain of Memories. Does This Bug Anyone Else? hehee guys go through a thing called PUBERTY so his voiced changed and in number two he like was alot bigger and donald and goofy noticed his voice.
  2. K

    How come only in Japan?

    waiit does that mean that we wont get 358/2 days or any of that stuff? wtf!!:cursing: this sucks majorly.. or am i just mixed up please reply to kaylahOXOX@hotmail.com :cry:
  3. K

    Anyone else notice the mistake in KH2

    Silly they go back outside where king mickey and kairi where locked out to talk to xemnas. Believe me i have done the xemnas battles a hell of alot of times lol so i think i am right... KH ALL THE WAY!!!
  4. K

    Cutscene without Sora's voice...

    OMG i know the scene u r talking about!!! Yea it was starting to annoy me too... i thought he was saying thankyou or run for it or something like that. But him mouthing it was smart cuz king mickey could have heard it when they were trying to go and fight the no bodies but king mickey told them...
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    Terra and the power of the Keyblade

    but birth by sleep hasnt even come to australia yet... damn it!:cursing:
  6. K

    Terra and the power of the Keyblade

    who the hell is terra? i live in Australia has the USA gotten kh3 b4 uz?