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    kh2 poll

    Axel, most definitely =]
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    bbs other keyblades?

    Nah, I don't think any new keyblades will be added besides the one terra, ven, and aqua use
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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    i think that Ven will most likely be the one to die . . . and he's my favorite out of the 3 . . . maybe Aqua will die too, but there was a female suit of armor in FM+, so maybe she'll survive and Terra too
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    which kingdom hearts is better . . . ?

    Not really which is better but which one do you prefer? Like which one was more enjoyable for you or whatever . . . Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, or maybe even Chain of Memories . . . I just wanted to know what some people thought . . . so please say which you like best or prefer and why...
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    So . . .

    Hi, so . . . yeah i'm new to this forum.