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    Just out of Curiosity

    Roxas would be 15, physically, wouldn't he? The same age as Sora, since he's Sora's Nobody.
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    So many questions...most of them retorical...

    ...and meant to spark discussion! I beat KH2! Whoo! Although, I haven't beat 100%, so bear with me. First off, i didn't like the ending, cause it didn't make me cry....if that makes no sense to you, it's ok, i'm an emotional person. Question 1: Why were Riku and Mickey wearing Org. XIII coats...
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    Is there a point?

    Yeah, the mickey icons were in CoM. oh, and Denjiwatevertheheckurnameis.... I like you sig!^_^
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    new scan christmas town question

    If you ask me, It kind of looks like they're waltzing together. Hee, hee, looks like some people got tipsy at the New Year's Eve Party. lol.
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    soras uniform meaning

    Here's what I think about this subject: No child remains innocent forever. Innocence is easily stolen from children. Heck, innocence can even get you killed. Sora's heart may be becoming corrupt, because he's no longer sheltered on his little island and is seeing the rest of the world. He's...
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    Organization Names

    LOL! This is hilarious! Anyway, here's mine. I decided to write a little description of them, too. Lovex: A girl around Axel's age. Her fav color is pink. She wears a pink sundress under her cloak and keeps her pitch black hair in a perky ponytail tied with a pink ribbon. Acts ditzy and flirty...
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    Toontown would be an awesome world. Would Sora be burned by that green stuff? And it be funny to see Goofy and Sora try to get Donald off the stage in the club so that they won't be noticed by a member of the organization that's looking for them. Hee, hee. In a chaotic run for the door, Sora...