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    Ending Movie

    How did I beat him? ... I wanted to see the ending that you can only get after finding the stupid dalmations and winning the Hades cup. ^^;; I learned afterwards though that I could've avoided killing Ansem by downloading the super duper ending thing onto your computer.
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    It takes a good amount of hitting him with your keyblade-o-doom to even start seeing his HP go down. It also helps to have the Ultima Keyblade with you, because it is (I'm pretty sure) the strongest weapon in the game. You also must, must, must take as many Elixers as possible when you go to...
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    which one is hotter?

    Lyk, OMG! Sephiroth fer sure!!!11 Hee iz gunna merry me! I do not think this belongs in the help thread, unless you need help with putting topics in the right place. I also don't think any of them are hot, because, and this might come as a shock... They're only fictional characters. I have no...
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    Ending Movie

    Nah, I didn't cry, well I teared up a bit when Ansem was destroyed, or disappeared or whatever he does. I was rooting for Ansem the whole time when I was fighting him.
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    Aerith.. Um, huh?

    x.X Well that is confusing, and a little sad.
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    Aerith.. Um, huh?

    Well I know that, but it is supposed to kind of be like the FF games, saying as how they are saying their worlds were destroyed, or something like that. But no, it doesn't clear up my question, sorry.
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    Aerith.. Um, huh?

    Okay, so you know Aerith is alive and stuff in Kingdom Hearts, right? Well here is a question that has been on my mind since I first saw her in it.. Um, how is she alive? I mean, obviously she died in FFVII. Did she get revived or something? Was she just faking that she was dead? (Which would be...
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    Hmm.. I liked the Cutscene in Traverse Town where you first meet Cid, he was nice to Sora. Although I was also saddened to find he didn't swear at all. Not even the FFVII symbolized way of swearing.
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    OH MY GOD!!! :eek:
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    You should be able to beat him. What's really sad to me when I fought him, is that the enemies you fight to get to him are probably stronger then he was. (To me anyway)
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    Levelling up would be a good thing to do. Hmm.. What part of Traverse town are you at exactly? If you're at the part before you have to fight the guard armor, I would suggest getting to at least level 7 before you try fighting it.
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    Sephiroth Rumors

    Maybe they meant in a 'They both are in the coliseum and have wings' kind of way. But that could be totally wrong.
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    Kh Logo

    I circled where the logo is.
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    What are the questions at the beginning for?

    Yeah, it does, but still. It was annoying to level up at the start. It was more annoying when I found out the questions actually did have an important meaning to them, and not just some useless information the Chibi-Trio were trying to get out of you.
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    Sephiroth Rumors

    Wow, that would be weird if it were true. Wait, would that mean that Cloud would have killed himself in FFVII? o.0
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    What are the questions at the beginning for?

    It has to do with how quickly you level up. If you choose all of the first answers, you will level up quickly. If you choose all the second answers, you will level up at an average rate. If you choose all the third answers, you'll level up a bit slowly. I had no clue of this, so I chose random...