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    Rebirth of Nobodies

    I jsut looked at the translated interview on the main site, and... VIII. When the heartless are defeated, what becomes of the stolen hearts? Also, when members of Organization XIII and other Nobodies are defeated, do they return to their original form? When heartless are defeated, essentially...
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    Enigmatic Soldier defeated... with LV1

    Disclaimer: Not my game, controller, leet skillz, camera or Youtube Account. I just found this vid. YouTube - KH2FM ES Battle ---- LV1 No Damage That guy defeats the ES at Level 1 with the Holy Pumpkin. It seems that by maintaining a certain distance to the ES, you can determine his attacks...
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    Enigmatic Soldier Location: Do I really have to play the game over again?

    Take care of Xemnas. You have to beat the game first. In FM, you can create another save file and keep playing to unlock all secrets. After you have defeated the final boss, the portal to the ES opens in Disney Castle in the Hall of the Cornerstone.
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    Aqua...Ven... wtf?

    I just read the post on the frontpage that states the names Aqua and Ven are confirmed for the FS and the BHS. First of all, who confirmed it? Which official source states that those are their names? While it's highly likeable, without a source you can't be 100% sure. Next, the meaning. It...
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    E.S. is a nobody

    Interesting theory, but then why do ES and UEM look so very, very different?
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    E.S. = Xehanort

    And you base that on what...?
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    4 new synthesis items in final mix +

    After beating the optional Organization members, you get something that looks like a Synthesis Material. I guess you get the S form of it when you defeat the tougher Data Forms of them in the Cavern of Remembrance.
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    First Crown aquired

    Piakchu 025 of GFAQs has linekd us this little precious: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v394/Pikachu025/Stuff/KHIIFM-Ring.jpg An equippable crown, boosting AP by 30. He got it after completing the fifth puzzle in Puzzle Mode.
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    Secret Ending Crackpot Theory

    I just got another idea. It's more crackpot than anything, but it somehow strikes me as plausible. We see the old, evil man. Master of his Keyblade. Summoning the Heart Moon. Glowing orange eyes. We see the young soldier, looking like Xehanort. Looking at the Heart Moon. Getting flowing orange...