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    New Screens

    I really don't want to complain about the Cerberus scans. They look beautiful, I wish it had this style the WHOLE game. My concern is when it comes out
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    Birth by Sleep European Characters Trailer

    s1butzNothing we haven't seen before
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    RE:coded in Nintendo Power

    Re: coded in Nintendo Power s1eyeballsPersonally I think it'll be in 2011, I just can't see it come right after BBS The gap between Japanese and American BBS was like 8 Months They said does that mean teh release day was on the horizon, does that mean Far or Close
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    New Scans

    Japan already got Coded, We should get Re:coded in the Fall
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    Wait....like...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! D:<

    Personally I think he hints that Braig is Vanitas because "He is a character you should pay attention to" Remember people ITS JUST A THOUGHT
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    Creator Message from Tetsuya Nomura (Message from the KINGDOM)

    I thought he tried NOT to spoil the game for us Now I know part of the secret ending But at least we got a good translation from Lissar
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    Are Isa and Lea brothers

    I dont see the similarity
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    The TAV connection

    I Beyer summed that up good enough but still Riku and Vanitas seem to have a connection Maybe Vanitas consumed Riku on so Terra chose Sora? (?)
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    TAV & SRK Theory

    Unlikely for me but somewhat possible? The only connection I see between Sora Ven Aqua Kairi Etc was the physical appearance (I know im completely wrong on the appearance theory)
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    How you Pick who you play as in Bbs(Theory)

    Nah. You'll probably be able to pick a difficulty during your first character pick and that mode will apply with All the TAV
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    BBs armor

    Awesome Idea but I agree with Seraph because it seems like they wear the armour near the climatic part of each word Ven wears his armour during Deep Space and of course the Secret Ending
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    Voices!! maybe

    YAY but is this confirmed? WHy am I QUESTIONING myself
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    Riku n Vanitas

    But Hollow Bastion Riku has the same armor as Vanitas(You all know that) but Riku is only like 3 years old when Birth by SLeep takes place but maybe age doesnt matter in this game FAMILY DOESNT EVENT MATTER:angry: Seriously we have no idea yet.
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    Ienzo = Vanitas ??

    Re: Ienso = Vanitas ?? no (have to have at least 25 characters. 2 characters is all you really need) no offence
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    KHRECOM anniversary

    No I didnt preorder RECoM. I really didnt care about that game at all Bought it just because i saw it
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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus coliseum + FF character in BBS He doesnt have that huge Buster Blade from Crisis Core I wish he had Angeals Sword He looks very young
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    they should make kh2 on other platforms like psp and ds

    KH2 FM on PSP would be pretty awesome it aint gonna happen
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    they should make kh2 on other platforms like psp and ds

    Itd be cool if they made FM for the DS or PSP but guarenteed it wont happen seriosly it wont happen
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    How did this start?

    That was probably the BEST question I ever heard