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  1. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Why are people convinced LeaIsa is a thing

    I have no stock or interest in that ship whatsoever, but if LeaIsa is the generally accepted ship name I'm gonna flip a table.
  2. :::A Hex Torn:::

    News ► Project Xehanort official title revealed: KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road

    God help me, but I'm disappointed it's not something more convoluted. Also real worried with how much they've been using the term "experience". And the lack of at least a logo is pretty underwhelming. I threw one together in 20 minutes to go with my guess.
  3. :::A Hex Torn:::

    News ► A Look Back: KINGDOM HEARTS Ultimania Gallery Comments Part 1

    Interesting... Before knowing this, my favorite keyblades in KH1 were the Nomura-designed ones, the ones I thought were pretty good were Tsukamoto's, and the ones I couldn't stand looking at were Ohdachi's (except for Lady Luck, but that one is just okay). Now I know why.
  4. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Any characters you like more/less now?

    I somehow like Olaf even less than I did in Frozen. That count?
  5. :::A Hex Torn:::

    [Request] 4K Screenshots

    I have a bit of a request for anyone who might be willing. If anyone is on PS4 Pro in 4k (or XBox One S?) and has beaten the game, would you be able to take a few 4k PNG screenshots? I'm basically looking for the character pages for certain characters to have a nice clean image of their models...
  6. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Ardenelle Vent

    It became really apparent that not all Disney worlds were created equal. Arendelle isn't the worst world in the game, because it wasn't the hate crime that was 100 Acre Wood (100 Foot Garden?). Still, there are, like 1 and a half memorable locations from the film and we got none of them. How...
  7. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Which Ultimate weapon designs do you prefer?

    The Ultima Weapons shown in your post are KH1 & BBS, not KH1 & KH2. That being said, for the Keyblades: KH2. More visual balance. Asymmetry is fine, but visual design has "weight" to it and it's a bit off for the KH1 design. Save the Queen/King are both better in KH2, but I don't care for any...
  8. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Looking For KH Ultimania Books

    Hey folks, I'm here looking for some information that I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with. I really want to get my hands on a copy of a Kingdom Hearts Ultimania book or perhaps an artbook, but not quite sure what direction to turn, both in terms of which book and where I could buy...
  9. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Gift from Pongo and Perdita *wink*

    So... Leon's totally the one giving you these gifts, right? I doubt a couple of non-anthropomorphic dogs could obtain all these items and abilities, let alone wrap them up. But Leon - he has shown an interest in the puppies, and he has a pair of thumbs. For me, it's headcanon that he visits the...
  10. :::A Hex Torn:::

    File Ripping

    Hey folks, I've been looking for art assets from either Kingdom Hearts X or Unchained X. Namely, world art. Backgrounds in all their different layers. I know the front page has an archive of images, but all the layers are flattened together and I'd love to have them separate. It's mainly a...
  11. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Connection Error Issue - Worse Every Day

    Hey folks, been playing the game like crazy. It has surprised me how much I've enjoyed it. Feels like the good old days where I didn't question if I had outgrown the series. Now, I would have an issues with some of the balancing and time-based regeneration, but seeing as it's a free to play...
  12. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer Featuring KH3 Footage!

    In this better quality, I've noticed that the Station of Awakening in the KHχ Back Cover footage is using more layers and textures than we've seen used in those before. I think, if the Back Cover movie is more than just text and voice over the Station of Awakening visual (god, I hope so), then...
  13. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Donald Duck Has Some Ideas On What To Do With Kingdom Haters

    Seems a little harsh, no? VIEWRZ: Dat Dere Donald Duck
  14. :::A Hex Torn:::

    High Quality Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Box Art

    Sure thing! Updated on my original post: UPDATED KH1.5 EVENT POSTER (SANS LOGOS, AVEC STARS)
  15. :::A Hex Torn:::

    High Quality Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Box Art

    I've been hoping for the same thing! It would be gorgeous. Especially with the likely inclusion of Terra/Aqua/Ven (and perhaps Xehanort) alongside the KHII cast.