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    musical battles in Atlancia

    What I would like to know is that if it will be any good? What will they be like? What is your opinion of it Just askin if this is a stupid question i am sorry i was not able to find an answer (anywhere)
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    BHK is......

    how the heck is that like him
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    What Made You Buy Kingdom Hearts!?

    i saw the commercial and i was almost instnatly hooked then i played it some at the store and i've been hooked since
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    final fantasy 10 help!!!!!!!!!!!

    the game final fantasy is amazing but i need help with one of the parts the part is where you fight sin and after you just lopped off his 2 fins and now you are attacking his mouth it has 140,000 health and kills you with the stupid giga gravity thing after 12 turns or so what i need to...
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    what is sora?

    come on do you think a person charecter like sora would suddenly just become darkness all of a sudden when he's been trying to save the worlds
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    is he back in the game or is he gone for good????????

    that thing is similar to kurt ziza but i don't think it is by the way the gummi ship is gonna be a lot better this time i think
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    can sora fly or can he just jump really high now

    it would be kinda cool if he could though but i doubt he will
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    Blue room?

    i highly doubt that this room that you speak of will be of any importance in the sequal
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    sephiroth ?

    why does japan always have to get the cool stuff i want that keyblade after i beat sephiroth
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    the way i see it i can reserve the game for five bucks(blood sucking corporations) or run 19 miles to the nearest game store camp out for a few days and have a nice trip home
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    Favorite Villian?

    Re: favorite villian personally i think axel kicks all the other choices butts hands down he's the best
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    Normal vs. Expert

    the expert version isn't all that hard it took me a lot longer to beat it on expert mode although there really isn't anything new besides the enemies are harder and stuff but it is more gratifying when you beat the game
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    3 secret keyblades!

    i'm really havin trouble believing this
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    chances are you probaly looking for a way to get past the tower in the treasure go down into the cave area where you are swimmin and stuff it may sound frustating just keep swimmin till you find the tower in the lower cave area and shoot it with your fire spell if this isn't the problem i...
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    Play Station 3???

    there isn't any reason for the people of squaresoft to put kh2 on ps3 (which will be totally kick @$$) they would have to start over and deal with the tons of angry fans including me
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    What do you think about Dusk?

    tidus 6673 listen DUDE WILL YOU CUT THE CRAP AND STOP POSTING THIS stuff :mad: i'm not very intelligent upon this topic of the dusk but i personally think they are somehow creatures of the light (not much proof to back my opinion)
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    Does anybody know when kh2 i socming

    all i know/heard is the idea that it may becoming out in september to december 2005 it'd be really cool if they were to release it at the end of the spring it aint gonna happen though :(
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    KH2 Release date to be confirmed?

    If you're telling the truth this totally freakin rocks :cool:
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    The ultima weapon hands down because it looks totally kick a$$ and for it's shear power :D
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    KH2 question

    no matter how cool it would be to put COM on psp :mad: they are probably more focused on making kh2