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    COM Movie

    have you thought about this? If kh (1) was rated E (everyone) and kh2 was rated E10+ (everyone ten and up) that means, if there is go'n be a kh3, there's a good chance it'll be T (teen) and I would love to play the game more then see the movie....but the movie would be cool....ah they outta...
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    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    #1- Roxas #2-Roxas #3-Sora Riku's ok but i'll pass
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    the begining and end. that song makes me wanna cry. espessially with the clips to go with it. i was soooooooooooooo sad (in a happy way) by end, i mean credits.
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    what is your most hated keyblade

    MONOCHOME!!!! *breaks Monochome in two* i hate that thing.....to weak...
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    ugliest Organization member?

    Roxas is the cutest guy I have ever locked eyes on! besides...he looks like Jesse McCartney....his gorgas voice.... but Vexen, and Xigbar....BLAH!...dnt forget Xemnas...
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    check this wallpaper out

    i don't know how ethier...little help here
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    Do you realize

    he said there will be new charaters. it would most likely start out with Sora, or sum'n. so there is no proof that Sora will not be in it. same thing with Riku, King Mickey, Kairi, etc. and why would Sora have a different name?
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    Real org mebers real name

    why r we talking about names?! cnt we just figure it out. and why is it so important? look at me! i'm in the organazation, but i kept my old name! the only difference is my last, see True name: Yuma Kaloa Organazation name: Yuma Kaloax Xemnas named me that way. don't ask why. i dnt...
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    What main character do you think has improved on Kh2?

    i cnt decide. they're all great! but roxas is cute...my roxie! >.> <.< um...yeah...buh-bye...
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    Can someone....

    Can someone get me some awsome pics of kh2? i've been to www.khinsider.com ,and www.kh2.co.uk but no awsome pics. i want them to be AWSOME awsome k? thanks :D im waiting....this is hopeless!
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    Favorite Form Poll

    hmmmmm....uh i like all the forms actully. my fav would probably be Final form, and Valor. my second would be Wisdom, and Master, and my last one would be Anti-Form. the only one i have is Valor form X) but i've seen all of them. if i had to pick one...i'd pick.....Valor, cuz it does wicked...
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    i'm tak'n it slow, watching all the sceens, and trying to level up everytime a heartless appers. do that and you'll beat the game with good thoughts and memories. then play it again, and kick sum more booty. Sora: I'm searching too. Cloud: For your...
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    Beat the Game

    i dnt mean to be rude....but if u siad u beat the game perfectly, you outta been up more then 100 hr. it took the creators 100 hr to beat it perfectly. and their pro's. so.... yah. i havn't even beat that game and it feels like i have. too much spoiling _-_' cha well, buh-bye...
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    i'm not that far in the game so boo-hoo. i have used mickey though, in the Dungon, at Beast's Castle. the Thresholder, and Possessor. once u get mickey it's pretty easy. Light is for the Brave, Darkness is for the fearless, and Twilight is for the Deatermain.
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    Did anyone else notice...?

    y'know what i have the LE Guide too. it's like...a macnical gear. but it wasn't a heart...or was it? i didn't look close enough. it does look like Axel's fire thingies though. like i said i dnt know. Light is for the Brave, Darkness is for the fearless, Twilight is for the...
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    Not excited anymore..

    it's not the rating, nor spoilers that made me not excited anymore, but the stupid timing! IT SAID MARCH 28TH KINGDOM HEARTS 2 IS RELEASED. but no go for EBGames, GameStop, or Wal*Mart. yes i went to all of those places for that game. i'll have to wait till tommarow.....*sniff sniff*...
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    Share the sadness

    *sniff sniff* they're making kids all over the USA sad! >.<
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    Share the sadness

    *sniff sniff* As some of you may know, Kingdom Hearts 2 has been delayed in parts of the USA, and will be released tommaorw. This stinks on ice. If you agree with me quote this. And plz dnt rub it in....SO CLOSE!!!!! :(
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    try going over there without calling... (me and my mom walk in EBGames) Dude:Yes how can i help you? My mom: We're here to pick up Kingdom Hearts 2 Dude: We're not gonna get'em until tommaorw My mom...
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    New Screenshots!!!!

    your getting me.....to many things lately...your all i need....you smiled at me..and said..don't get me wrong i luv u, but does that mean i have to meet, your father, when we r older and u understand what i meant when i said no, i dnt think life is quiate that simple...when u walk away u dnt...