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    oh! i have ultima weapon! it sucks tho, i don't like it.
  2. K

    how long did it take you..

    i didnt want to go threw it too fast so i spaced it out. i would play an hour every day. i finished it in like a month. if i was to go normal speed i would finish it in like 5 -9 days
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    Which battle music did you like more? CAUTION SPOILERS!!!

    i would say.... riku's battle better. its epic and i love the tune. also halloween town's music has always been one of my favs.
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    358/2 secret reports: help!

    ooooh! okay i didn't know i had to do the hollow missions! thanks for clearing that up!
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    358/2 secret reports: help!

    hey guys i already beat 358/2 days like three times and done a ton of challenges and i still haven't gotten any secret reports.... is this a defect in the game or do i have to do something else to get secret reports?
  6. K

    how the replicas are created

    I'm not stupid. i was just saying it's make believe not everything will be explained. like its not explained how like they never eat or use the bathroom stuff like that, you don't have to attack me...
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    will axel roxas and xion ever have ice cream again?!

    sadly... probably not cuz now axel's gone and roxas and xion were absorbed. it sucks they were my fav. trio 2!!! its so sad...:cry:
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    questions on 358/2 days

    woops.. my bad sorry!:embarassed: yeah it is hard to read sorry..
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    how the replicas are created

    nobody really knows how they are made... i mean they might go into detail maybe in future games but other than that no one knows. don't over analyze everything, its a video game some of it won't be explained.
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    IKR like for BBS there is no way im getting a psp and i guess i have to watch it on u tube... which sucks its just there way of squeezing money out of us.
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    bbs theme song

    i hope utada doesn't leave. her songs are absolutely perfect for KH in every way.
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    questions on 358/2 days

    hey i finished playing days a while ago but im still kinda confused. when roxas passes out for a few weeks xemnas says i knew you would be sleeping i dont get that,then what is the chamber of wakening and the other chamber? why does axel kill zexion? when roxas has a mission on the beach theyre...