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    Can't believe no one has posted this yet

    Probably 10 pages. I skimmed through them and didn't actually click on any so I might've missed it. Unless the one's your talking about are Majik's translations, then this one is new. After his site went down a while ago (and I tried to see if it was up yet a week or so ago and it wasn't) the...
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    Can't believe no one has posted this yet

    I've been away from this place for over a year (I think) and going through old topics, I haven't come across one regarding the English patch for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Don't know if people really didn't know about this because it's been around for the better part of 2 years or you can't...
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    You know what I think!?

    All theories are lame that are based on this kind of thing. Like all those theories that were based off of the extra video at the end of KHI and none of them were correct.
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    Organization XIII's hearts

    I always thought that when they're talking about the heart, they didn't mean the organ. The way they make it seem that they call what gives us emotions is our hearts. A Nobody (using Org. XIII's members) is just a body with no heart. Devoid of emotion. They don't feel happiness or sorrow (I...
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    Stages of Awakening

    I really didn't think it was that big a deal. For me, it was a disney game so it never bothered me at all.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread It's taking a little while for me getting used to the KH controls after playing my 360 for so long. But from what I've managed to get out of the little time I've played it, I love it so far. I'm not worried about Sora's voice either. You'd be amazed...
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread I looked in gamestop's "Upcoming Games" book and it said it was coming out on the second. But whether it comes out then or a day later, I can care less because I'm still getting it either way.
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    You need that Double Jump to be at least level 2 when he does Sin's Harvest. But he does have a pattern of attacks and after he gets hit a certain amount of times, he will teleport. Best thing to do is learn his pattern. This way, you can tell when he'll do Apocalypse (where the pillars of fire...
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded *with images*

    If you see it as a 'no', then that's what it is. Either way, I'm staying here :D.
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded *with images*

    More along the lines of how if you look really closely at the iPhone, it's already a rebellion against itself.
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded *with images*

    I just simply don't see why anyone would pay so much money for a phone or even get an expensive phone for just one game which they will most likely hardly ever play after they've beaten it. Besides, there isn't really anything special about an iPhone anyways. It's nothing but 'flash' that is...
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded *with images*

    I wouldn't buy the phone even if the game came out for it. I too think it's a pretty stupid idea. As someone else said, I'd rather see it on a DS instead.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+ Price

    If your system can play imported games and burned CD/DVD-R games already, just torrent the game. If you want to buy it, I'd buy the LE version because it comes with some artwork book thing if I recall correctly and a new case or something like that.
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    someone predict Birth by Sleep Story great !

    Unfortunately, it's just a theory that will most likely be disproved like all the other theories regarding this kind of thing. Nice try though and keep up with your English ;).
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    When is the first time you ever died in kh2

    First time I died was fighting Demyx in Hallow Bastion.
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    Clouds Sword

    There's nothing special about it. It's like asking why in KH1 did he wear some of Vincent's clothes. I'd say they were doing stuff when Barret walked in the dark room and Cloud just grabbed everything. Or as it's meant, a new look for the KH series. That's all it is is just a new look. Nothing...
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    KH2 Final Mix Re-Release

    It's not like they're re-releasing it as a a revamped version of it. It's just their version of our "greatest hits". And all new GH games start at $19.99USD. Would you rather spend $50USD for a game or the $20USD for the GH version? And Sorafreak, swap magic does more than just play imports; it...
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    sora's new look

    Usually, if someone has lighter colored hair when they were young, the hair gets darker as time goes on. And if out in the sun, it will start to lighten up. And he always looked skinny. I didn't notice any difference. If there is one, then just think of it as baby fat.
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    The chosen master

    "The Keyblade alone cannot seal the Door to Darkness". That's why Sora and Mickey locked it because two keyblades were needed...or just simply more than one. And yes, the keyblade chooses who has a more powerful heart. In the beginning, Riku's heart was stronger than Sora's and that's why Sora...
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    Final Fantasy Character Fights

    I'd rather take them all at one time in the coliseum. It's more fun than doing just one on one.