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    Hello i have written something funny take a look

    this is the first bit of my bible here you go tell me what you think is it good i think so just read it already jesus stop paying attention to this shit up here can't you see i'm just wasting your time HURRY UP AND READ IT HOLY CHRIST Ursurus: Chapter 1 In the beginning, there...
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    Could i maybe please

    take a gander at that sweet vag you got there i promise not to touch okay maybe just a little.
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    Say Anything

    Picked up their new CD yesterday, HOLY SHIT IT IS SO GOOD GODDAMN I LOVE MAX BEMIS. Seriously worth the 15 bucks, i've been listening to it non-stop shit rocks. Favorite song is Cemetery/Death for my Birthday anyone else buy it, pirate it, listen to it online?
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    French music

    I've been exposed to a bit of french music over the years thanks to my french teacher, and i like it quite a bit. Favorite artists are Coeur de pirate, Dionysos, Kyo, Tete, and Les Ogres de Barback. Anyone else like this stuff?
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    Hey there employees.

    If there's already a topic for discussing jobs, just get rid of this one i'm too lazy to look for anything past the third page. Anyway I'm employed at the Mickey D's near my house. At 15 i make 50 cents less than minimum wage, and during the school year i can only work 18 hours a week. Not...
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    Terrible Teachers

    You guys hate any of your teachers yet? And i don't mean like "Oh she was kind of mean on the first day" hate, i mean "JESUS FUCK HOW AM I GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE SEMESTER" hate. For me it's my visual basic teacher. She's like 65-70 and doesn't know shit about VB. Seriously, she told us...
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    Obese people have less brain tissue

    Obese People Have 'Severe Brain Degeneration' - Yahoo! News Lol now you're fat and stupid.
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    Aesop Rock

    My bad if there's already a thread, i can't be bothered to scroll through 40 pages. Anyway, you guys like his stuff? His new album, None Shall Pass, is one of my favorite things to listen to at the moment. Bazooka Tooth is pretty good, so is Labor Days, but i haven't listened to Daylight yet.
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    Who thinks BBS will be best KH yet?

    Eh. I'm excited for BBS, i suppose, and i was looking into getting a PSP soon so i might as well play it. Also who the fuck cried at KH1? I beat that game when i was 9 or 10, didn't shed a single tear.
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    I jack off every night before i go to bed. Summer habit, i suppose. But it's almost 2 in the morning where i am, and my oldest sister WON'T GET OFF THE MOTHERFUCKING COUCH. I just want to watch some porn and go to sleep but noooooooooo she's got a fuckin book to read.
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    I'm going to start this thread off by summarizing my opinion of P.O.S in two words: Holy shit. This guy's music is fuckin great. I'm listening to Never Better on myspace music right now and goddamn i love every track. Gonna get to his other album, Ipecac Neat, once i can get myself to stop...
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    Do you guys hate Dane Cook?

    I'm listening to Isolated Incident and i mean if you don't think too hard it's not that bad.
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    Who else

    Works at Mickey D's? There's a shitload of people on this forum, i can't be the only one.
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    Kurt Zisa Tip?

    Haha i beat this dude out of pure luck. Didn't even know he was a boss til i ran into him. Was like JESUS FUCK HE'S GOT SIX BLADES AND I CAN'T USE MAGIC WHY AM I OUT OF HIGH POTIONS. Can't give you any strategy, i just remember using aeroga and running around like a mofo.
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    Give me something to do KHI

    Hey khi took an adderall kinda jumpy give me something to entertain myself with.
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    I hope the extra weight from your mistake throws your balance off and you fall.
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    bbs leveling up

    Duh. After all this Xion/Sora shit you still believe Aqua's a girl?
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    bbs leveling up

    The higher level you are, the bigger your dick is. Subtle, i know, but they could pull it off.
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    This forum is alright

    Guess i'll stay here for a while. Goodnight, though, it's two in the motherfucking morning.
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    Name isn't greg. Decided to check this forum out after KHV went to shit. I was Atlas over there, if anyone else jumped ship.